Say goodbye to stinky feet.

By Braelyn Wood
November 20, 2019
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I’ve always hated socks. The heat-trapping monstrosities are the worst—especially the ones that slide down inside your sneakers, rub against your toes, and make your shoes feel too tight. In fact, I would even classify the phrase “perfect sock” as an oxymoron. 

While I’ve found a way to live with socks—by buying the cheapest, thinnest ankle socks available—there’s no way I would ever invest in a nicer pair, or so I thought. Enter: Lululemon’s Light Speed Socks Silver. 

While I could list plenty of reasons these socks changed my (very stubborn) mind—including a mesh construction that’s actually breathable and a seamless toe design—the anti-stink technology is the ultimate game-changer that makes these socks worth every last penny. (Related: The Best Running Socks for Women)

I’ve always dealt with smelly post-gym feet. As someone who sweats a lot during workouts, my body gives odor-causing bacteria plenty of sweat to feed off of. Even a warm day (sans workout) can leave my feet smelling funky.

But not with these gems.

They’re made with Lululemon’s signature silverescent fabric technology that’s created by bonding pure silver to the surface of every fiber. Apparently, silver releases positive ions that are attracted to bacteria’s negatively charged ions, according to Lululemon. When they combine, the bacteria dies, and so does its scent.

While it might seem like pseudo-science, silver’s natural antibacterial properties are pretty well-known. A 2015 study published in Scientific Reports revealed that bacteria killed by silver acts like a “zombie” and actually kills other bacteria of the same strain, extending the odor-combatting abilities of silver even further. (Related: 11 Ways to Make Your Sweaty Workout Clothes Stink Less)

No wonder I couldn’t smell a hint of B.O. after wearing these socks. And, rest assured, I put them to the ultimate test. My experiment started with a new pair of fall boots, which started to emit an odor after I got caught in the rain in them a few weeks earlier. These socks stopped any unfortunate scents from escaping my boots during the workday, and my feet didn’t feel hot and sweaty. 


Lululemon Light Speed Sock Silver, Buy It, $18,

Then it came time for my favorite spin class. Since I don’t own a pair of cycling shoes, I borrow from my studio—and though I usually don’t mind, the communal shoes are always smelly and occasionally a little damp. But after wearing the Lululemon socks inside them, my loaner shoes somehow smelled better than when I started and not at all wet—even though my ride had me dripping sweat. 

Best of all, these socks actually felt comfortable. They’re made with a super fine knit that’s smooth to the touch and so lightweight, it actually feels like you’re barefoot. The low-profile design also stays put inside your shoe, so you won’t have to constantly adjust them during your workout. There’s even 360-degree arch support to give your foot extra stability. (Even more supportive options: Women Swear By These Compression Socks for Swelling, Pain Relief, and Recovery)

Despite my initial hesitation, these anti-stink Lululemon socks prove the perfect socks really do exist. Luckily, there are six different colorways I can buy to completely overhaul my sock drawer, so I’ll never have to worry about sweaty, smelly feet again. 



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