Lululemon's Newest Yoga Mat Sold Out In Just 2 Weeks — But Now It's Back

The Take Form Yoga Mat has built-in 3D circles to help you achieve perfect alignment, making at-home yoga sessions all the more intuitive.

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Lululemon yoga mat
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"Where on earth do I put my hands and feet?" That's a question that, despite having done yoga for years and practicing five times a week, I still often ask myself — especially when doing yoga alone at home. Participating in a virtual class without an instructor to guide me and adjust my positions in person can make it hard to get untried poses right, so when Lululemon offered to let me test out its newest Take Form Yoga Mat (Buy It, from $118,, which comes with 3D indicator circles to show exactly where you should put your hands and feet, I happily accepted.

As a huge fan of the brand (its buttery-soft Fast and Free leggings and Energy Bras are my all-time favorites), I wasn't at all surprised to find that Lululemon's newest yoga mat is a massive help in improving my flow. Since the company's yoga mats are already loved for being supportive "game-changers" that reviewers say help them keep their balance better, it was perhaps also unsurprising that Lululemon's latest yoga mat launch sold out just two weeks after launching on March 26. Thankfully, it's now back in stock, and you can pick up the mat for $118. (

Take Form Yoga Mat

Buy It: Lululemon Take Form Yoga Mat in Black, from $118,

For years, I used a cheap, old yoga mat that I randomly picked out online without realizing that a good yoga mat can actually make a big difference in my practice. My old mat was prone to sliding when I jumped up to the top of my mat for a sun salutation, and it became so slippery when my hands and feet sweat that I would even lose my form during a simple downward dog. Lululemon's Take Form Yoga Mat and its incredibly grippy surface is a total upgrade, so much so that I can even wear socks during practice. (

The biggest selling point, of course, is the mat's 3D circles. Frankly, I thought this feature would be simply a flashy, impractical addition, but they've became shockingly helpful for me to make sure I have my hands and feet in the right spots and to assure my alignment is correct. I start off by placing my hands in the middle of the top two circles, and my body height allows my toes to reach to the outer circle of the back two rings, setting up my standard downward dog pose. This way, I know to come back to this exact setting throughout my practice and I know exactly where to place my hands and feet to achieve the correct plank pose (without my feet being too far back to possibly to hurt my lower back). It's particularly nice to have these 3D circles guiding me for poses including bird dog crunches, dolphin plank, and plank-to-ankle taps, where it's important to keep my alignment consistent.

Lululemon yoga mat

The Take Form yoga mat has helped me overthink less during my practice, because I no longer have to worry constantly about where I should be putting my hands and feet. It's important to keep a clear, focused mind during yoga practice, and these circles have definitely allowed me to concentrate more on my core instead of the little distractions and self doubts that creep in while I'm practicing. Plus, the mat is incredibly easy to clean — all I have to do is wipe it down with a slightly damp towel after practice, and its grippy surface means I can roll it up after class without needing a strap to keep it upright. (

Considering that the Take Form Yoga Mat sold out two weeks after launching on Lululemon's website — and the fact that it's such a revolutionary mat for daily practice — it's bound to be gone again in a flash after this restock. Shop it now to achieve a smoother, steadier, and more balanced flow for your next yoga session.

Lululemon yoga mat

Buy It: Lululemon Take Form Yoga Mat in Black and White, $128,

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