Every dollar goes to breast cancer research.

By Lauren Mazzo
May 05, 2017

There's alottttt of pricey workout gear out there. From Louis Vuitton punching bags to Givenchy leggings, you can burn a deep hole in your wallet just trying to keep up with the latest, greatest workout tech, legging trends, and sneaker innovations. But this yoga mat might be the best use of your $$$ yet.

At $300 a pop, this Manduka mat is more than just a surface for your downward dogs; it's part of a collab between Manduka, Susan G. Komen, and mastectomy tattoo artist David Allen-and every single dollar goes to breast cancer research.

The mat is part of Manduka's new project:OM campaign, an effort to organize a one-million-person rally support breast cancer research and community programs from March to December 2017. In addition to the David Allen mat, Manduka also offers a matching yoga towel as well as a selection of pink gear-all of which also benefits Susan G. Komen. (BTW, have you heard about this new bra that can help detect breast cancer?)

The David Allen design features a woman's silhouette and detailed botanical drawings similar to those he tattoos on breast cancer survivors' mastectomy and surgery scars. Allen first arranges individual flowers and sketches them, before ultimately fitting the sketch on the woman's figure. The result: a beautiful reclamation of their bodies that celebrates femininity and personal control. (ICYMI, baring mastectomy scars is becoming a special part of the body-positive movement.)

"It was transformative to realize that I was doing my craft, but also literally helping someone heal," says Allen in an interview with Manduka. "The feeling was overwhelming. In that moment, my design and illustration background all came together in an effort to cover these scars. I knew I had to keep doing it."