My 60-Year-Old Mom Is Still Long-Distance Running Thanks to This Pain-Relieving Knee Sleeve

This compressive brace relieves swelling, soreness, and gets you back on the road faster.

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Woman wearing knee brace before a run
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Ever since I can remember, my mom has been my fitness inspiration. Like me, she started running in college as a way to relieve stress and stay in shape, and while she retired from marathons at 40 years old, today (20 years later), you can still find her in the park by our house on her 1st, 5th, and even 10th mile.

And like any fitfluencer's devoted follower, I was utterly shook when two years ago, she came home with a limp and swollen knee, her first injury since her racing days. While this persistent pain could have marked the end of her running career, she bounced back in a matter of months, in part thanks to a compressive knee sleeve she swears by.

My dad bought her the Neenca Professional Knee Brace on a whim to help with swelling, but it quickly became an integral part of her recovery and something she still works out in daily. With gel pads that contour to the patella and knee cap, plus dual-sided stabilizers, this brace locks the knee securely into place, relieving pressure and pain. Additionally, the firm, knit material compresses around the knee to relieve swelling. Most importantly, this medical-grade knee sleeve does not constrict movement — a must for anyone looking to return to exercise, whether it be yoga, lifting, or running. Better still, these unisex sleeves come in 11 colors and sizes ranging from small to XXX-large.

NEENCA Professional Knee Brace,Knee Compression Sleeve Support

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It's a simple design, but according to my mom, it makes a world of difference. Right after her injury, she could barely walk. A few days into virtual PT, she tried on the knee brace and found she could actually manage the simple exercises prescribed. A week later, she was able to take short walks outside and said that while wearing the brace, weight felt like it was lifting off her knee cap. A few months later, she tried her first mile-long jog with the brace and didn't notice any pain or constriction from the thick fabric.

Now that she's back to hitting double-digit miles on her runs, my mom no longer wears the knee brace every day. However, every time she feels soreness or notices even slight swelling, she says the sleeve takes care of the problem in a matter of hours.

If you or your running buddy is struggling with knee pain, this game-changing compression brace is available on Amazon, starting at just $20.

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