The uniquely-designed RMT Club will challenge your muscles and make you stronger both in and out of the gym


As we learn more about how the body is truly designed to move, it's clear that in everyday life, muscles rarely work in isolation-even though that's how most of us train our bodies at the gym. That's why functional fitness is based on the idea that the workouts we do should mimic and support the activities of daily life, like bending down, picking things up, walking up stairs, and pulling or pushing open doors. (Try these 7 Functional Fitness Exercises.)

Functional fitness is all about bodyweight exercises, but adding weight can challenge your muscles even further. While barbells and dumbbells have presses and squats covered, less traditional tools can expand your repertoire of functional movements. (Give these 6 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Bodyweight Workout a try too.) Enter the newly-released RMT® Club ($95-110 depending on weight;, which has a unique and clever design that allows for the load to be strategically placed further from the body. You can strike, swing, lift, and rotate, and, with its weighted head (ranging from two to eight pounds), the club helps effectively train the five primary movement patterns: hip hinging/squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling, and rotation.

The RMT Club was created by WeckMethod, a company that specializes in developing innovative equipment (founder David Weck invented the insanely popular BOSU® Balance Trainer), and is shifting the way in which we approach loaded movement training-literally. (Just like these 4 Fitness Tools of the Future.) In addition to its innovative and versatile design, the RMT Club also features a durable exterior, allowing you to strike a wide variety of surfaces-including floors and heavy bags-without fear of damaging the tool. The unique design, challenging distribution of weight, and versatile application means you can use the RMT Club for a variety of workouts, all of which have the potential to torch calories and improve aerobic capacity, in addition to enhancing strength, power, and dynamic balance.

Having incorporated the four-pound club into my own workouts, I'll share two of my go-to total-body moves that are guaranteed to get your heart rate up, build your strength, and get you seriously sweaty:

Striking Plyo Lunges


Begin in an active lunge position with the right foot forward and left foot back. Hold club overhead with both hands gripping the handle, bending elbows and positioning the head of the club behind the neck in a ready-to-strike position. With control, jump switch the position of the feet coming into a lunge with the left foot forward and the right foot back while simultaneously performing a ground strike with the club, slamming the club head forcefully into the floor just beyond the left foot. Reverse the movement by jump switching the feet once again and recoiling the club back to starting position for one complete rep. Do 10 to 12 reps.

Batter Up


Stand sideways with left foot forward and right foot back, with feet parallel to one another, hip-width apart and weight shifted into right foot. Grip handle of club with both hands and bend elbows, positioning the head of the club over right shoulder in a ready-to-swing position. With the core engaged, open the hips, pivoting on the feet to turn both sets of toes forward as you extend the arms fully and rotate the torso, swinging the club out at shoulder height as you would a baseball bat. Control the momentum, pausing briefly in the fully extended position before reversing the movement and returning to starting position. Complete 10 to 12 reps before switching sides and repeating, enabling you to work both your dominant and non-dominant side.