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The New Wave of Foam Rollers

The New Wave of Foam Rollers

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We love foam rollers. What we don’t love is moving furniture to find floor space, learning the hard way that we really need to vacuum, and our pets deciding that rolling time is the perfect opportunity to sit on our heads. Enter, these new get-off-the-floor recovery tools that couldn’t have come soon enough.

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TriggerPoint Performance Therapy GRID STK

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This hand-held roller has a cool, knobby texture designed to mimic the feel of a massage therapist’s hand. Plus, the handles can be used to pinpoint kinks. (Think: knuckles.) It’s available in two densities—regular and extra-firm “X”. ($34.99;

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Is your gym bag full of lacrosse and golf balls—but you don’t play either sport? This ball is designed with pressure point relief in mind. The yellow contoured knob can even be flipped so that you can really dig deep. Use it in-hand or roll it between you and the wall to work sore back muscles. ($19.99;

Gaiam Restore Pinpoint Back Massager

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Even better than a backscratcher, this wonky-looking device targets pressure points, increases circulation, and alleviates sore muscles. Bonus: It includes a downloadable exercise guide to help you get your massage on the right way. ($24.98;

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RumbleRoller Beastie + Wall System

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If you’re serious about rolling, you can hang RumbleRoller’s Beastie or Beastie Bar on your wall with its single- and double-track systems. Plus, their little knobs let you change their height depending on the muscles you want to hit. (Prices vary with setup combination;

RAGE Hot/Cold Therapy Ball

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Plop this spiky, temperature-holding ball in hot or cold water for added myofascial release. Meanwhile, you can also use its built-in cord to stabilize its placement when rolling. ($14.99;


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