Coming soon: yet another way for you to blow your money on new sneakers.

By Renee Cherry
Updated: June 30, 2017

At this point, it's no surprise that Amazon is priming itself to basically be a one-stop online shop for everything you need in life. Just when the Internet has finally started to chill about the news that Amazon bought Whole Foods, Nike has confirmed that it too will (finally) be partnering with the e-commerce giant. Nike will now have a storefront on Amazon, meaning you'll be able to buy products directly from the sneaker brand instead of only through third-party sellers.

The millions of third-party sellers are what make Amazon such a behemoth (along with its knack for wooing everyone with Prime member benefits and new ideas like a high-tech grocery store). But allowing outside sellers has exposed Amazon to indirectly selling counterfeit or otherwise faulty goods. (This is probably why there's an entire category of memes dedicated to prom dresses that look nothing like their digital "for sale" photo.) Amazon has responded to the problem by making recent changes to crack down on fakes, and this new partnership with Nike could further the effort by offering a reliable experience and brand for online shoppers.

Buying Nikes directly through the company's storefront on Amazon will mean eliminating the risk of unknowingly spending money on a counterfeit, and anyone who buys Nikes should be especially cautious about authenticity. The company made headlines in 2013 when it became number one on the World Customs Organization's list of most counterfeited brands. Since knock-offs are more commonly associated with designer bags and watches, consumers might not have thought twice when buying a new pair of sneakers from the online retailer.

Nike will only sell a limited selection of its products on Amazon, at least at first, and so far there's no release date set. But soon, you should be able to buy real-deal Nikes, a gift for your friend's birthday that you forgot about (thank you Prime membership shipping), and some matcha green tea all from the same place.


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