Our fashion director put them to the test—and finally found a running sneaker that checked *all* the boxes for marathon training.

By By Brooke Ely Danielson
Photo: Nike

I'm a three-time marathon runner and 20-time half-marathon finisher. When it comes to road racing, you name it and I most likely have run it, or attempted to run it (with the exception of ultras!). That, paired with my job as the fashion director for Shape, means I've tried pretty much every running sneaker out there. But my hunt for "the one" has been ongoing until recently when I tried out Nike's new Zoom Pegasus Turbo, the brand's most advanced running sneaker yet.

It all started a few weeks ago in Tokyo, where Nike hosted a small group of media to come road-test the new impressive sneaker. ("Why Tokyo?" you must be thinking. Well, turns out, Japan has a long love affair with running. It's ingrained in their rich culture, so there was no better place to celebrate the Peg Turbo's launch!) To top it off, they brought Shalane Flanagan along for the experience. Cue the jaw-drops-yes, Shalane Flanagan, four-time Olympic athlete and winner of the 2017 TCS NYC Marathon. (Here, the mantra that took her through the finish line and her wisdom for beginner marathoners.)

Photo: Nike

Straight off the plane, I learned all about the design, performance, and technology that make up this innovative shoe. A few stand-out details? Nike worked with elite marathoners in Kenya to develop the ZoomX foam, the lightest, most responsive foam they've ever created. Translation? It's crazy efficient and you don't have to make any sacrifices on speed or comfort.

But I wasn't sold until I actually road-tested the sneaker with a quick 5K run at Rainbow Bridge. First impression of the shoe on my run: Comfortable, springy, and stable-I was ready to PR! (And really, is there a more magical way to test a sneaker than with a run around the Imperial Palace with Shalane Flanagan?) I ran aside Shalane-she adjusted her pace to chat as we jogged!-and on top of it being a true "pinch me" moment, it was also a testament to the Zoom Pegasus Turbo. If it is good enough for Shalane to run in, then it must be for me too, right?!

Photo: Nike

I've been running in the Peg Turbo ever since and am hooked. I've felt my stride slightly shifting and have been clocking faster times. (Apparently, the 85 percent energy return from the foam really does make a huge difference!)

Sure, there are hundreds of running shoe options on the market, but until the debut of the Nike Pegasus Turbo, there has never been such an advanced and springy shoe available to the average consumer (elite athletes have access to just about any sneaker they'd like!). It delivers the perfect snap *and* support you need in your daily training-whether you're heading out for a quick job or marathon training, like me.

If you've been saving up for a new running shoe or are on a long-winded hunt for the perfect one, this may just become the answer to all your running prayers. They're officially available today and it's no surprise that they're already selling fast-run to get yours before your size is gone!

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