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Celebrate National Bike Month with souped-up bicycles, bike accessories, and cycle gear that will make you want to put the pedal to the metal


In case you weren't aware, cycling for women is having a moment. Whether you hit Flywheel weekly, bike to work to avoid a crappy commute, ride to save money on gas, or pump the pedals to help the environment, now is the perfect time to get off your duff, grab some new gear, and go for a serious spin. Whether you're a biking newbie or a hardcore cycle chick, we've got the coolest new bikes and accessories to get your (two) wheels spinning. Who's ready to ride?


Sure, your old bike gets you around. But with some of the sexy features (like GPS and wide hybrid tires) that this year's newest models are sporting, you can't help but want to take one of these babies for a spin around the block.

Specialized Ariel Sport Disc


Specialized's cool new ride has suspension in the front fork, flat bars and a bit wider of a tire than traditional road bikes. What this means: It's perfect if you're commuting to work or riding through parks with trails that go from dirt or gravel to paved road. (Ariel Sport Disc, $770; specialized.com) (Learn why Pro Cycling Is About to Get Its Moment in the Spotlight.)

Stromer ST2


Ever see those cool commercials where a guy arrives to his business meeting via bicycle looking totally not sweaty and put together? How do you do that? You ride an electric bike-they're like regular cycles, only better. You pedal normally and then a battery kicks in and you get assistance of up to almost 30 mph to make it up tough hills and far distances. There are a ton of electric bikes on the market right now, but we are especially fond of the Stromer ST2 because it's the first e-bike to integrate Bluetooth and GPS; this means you can communicate wirelessly with your bike through your phone to tune its settings and activate anti-theft. (Stromer ST2, $6,990; stromerbike.com)

Cannondale Women's Synapse 105 6


This is for a serious cyclist. Silky smooth and deceptively fast, the Synapse Carbon's potent blend of lightweight speed and all-day comfort make it the perfect choice for a long century ride (100 miles, hence the name), a sprint triathlon, and anything in between. (Women's Synapse 105 6, $2,060; cannondale.com)

Schwinn Women's Yorkshire Skirt Hybrid Bike


Stylish and fun to ride, yet it has an air of European sophistication. The Yorkshire has a Dutch style frame, with an integrated chain guard and skirt guard over the back wheel. Also included in the good looks package is an included front light with chrome like finish and coordinating fenders to keep the splashes off your trench. This is how the civilized bike to work. (Women's Yorkshire Skirt Hybrid Bike, $189; target.com) (Nervous about getting back on a bike? Top female cyclists share 10 Ways to Go from Spin Class to the Road.)

G'Linda by 3G


This city hybrid bicycle has the lowest stepthrough possible and seats you, not on top, but slightly back from the cranks which make for a more comfortable ride. The head tube and handlebar are positioned higher than usual so you feel more upright instead of hunched while riding. And we just love that cute flower detailing on the gears. (G'Linda by 3G, $449; 3gbikes.com)

Sirrus by Specialized with SRAM 1X components


What makes this great is the new SRAM 1X components (those are things like gear shifters and the round cassette that holds your chain in place)-there's no front shifter and one a single front chain instead of two. What does this mean for you? That you only have to shift the rear gears so it's less to think about when you're on your bike so you can enjoy your ride more. Plus, one less chain makes this bicycle a lot lighter (which means you'll go faster). (Sirrus with SRAM 1X components, $2,800; specialized.com)

Schwinn Shuffle Cruiser Bike


Now you can keep up with your kids and impress your friends at the same time. The Schwinn Shuffle Kick bicycle has a classic bicycle look but is really a scooter for grown ups. What we love best: It's got hand brakes for stopping power. (Schwinn Shuffle Cruiser Bike, $129; target.com)


A cyclist is only as good as her gear! Make your cycling experience that much better (and your bike buds jealous) with these goodies.

Glovebox by Detour


Where do you put your keys, your phone, your cards while you ride? Look no further than the new Glovebox which acts as an accessory case, nav assistant, and travel wallet all in one. Inside, there's loops and card slots to keep organized. It also features a top window so you can see your phone and use its GPS. The whole thing attaches securely around any size handlebars and a detachable wrist strap makes for easy transport. (Glovebox by Detour, $32; detours.us)

Deer Abby Top by Club Ride


Club Ride makes really cool cycle gear that is simply stylish. We love that the line's tops and shorts look like real clothes-not just workout clothes-which makes them perfect for exploring while you ride. From the new spring line is the Deer Abby top made from lightweight, breathable, fabric with UV Protection 20. It's got a rear stash pocket with media port and reflective accents for safety. Pair it with the Freedom shorts and a pair of Jewel inner wear that have chamois padding for comfortable riding and you'll be ready to rock your ride. (Dear Abby top, $59; clubrideapparel.com) (Find more stylish clothes for your ride in Sustainable Fitness Gear for an Eco-Friendly Workout.)

Bolle 6th Sense S Cycling Sunglasses


If you're gonna do some serious cycling, you got look the part, ladies. And you've got to protect your eyes. These new ergonomically-shaped sunglasses from Bolle are perfect for racing because they improve your visual clarity and are locked in place on your face (even though they're a unisex frame, the new S line is slightly smaller which makes them better from women). And the special shape of the lens actually extends your field of vision so you can crush it while you're on the road. Our fave part: You can easily change out different color lenses for a custom look. (Bolle 6th Sense S Cycling Sunglasses, $189; bolle.com)

The Verve Spyn Short by Sugoi


Nothing worse than a sore saddle from riding. Make your ride more comfortable and stay stylish with these sexy shorts that easily transition from running errands to hitting spin class. Lightweight (and no-show) padding helps provide comfort but it's thin enough that you can still wear them off the bicycle. We also love that there's reflective tape at the hem for night-time visibility. (The Verve Spyn Short: $70; sugoi.com) (And speaking of spin class, be sure to try 7 More Fun (and More Effective!) Ways to Cycle.)

GIRO Sonnet Helmet with MIPS Technology


Every bike rider needs a good helmet, and we love the slim shape, 25 wind vents, and super easy fit system of the GIRO Sonnet. But here's why it's super safe and can actually save your life: Using MIPS technology, this helmet was built to slide slightly over the head, which allows it to absorb much of the energy created by an angled blow to the headduring certain impacts. And a safe ride is a better ride all around. (GIRO Sonnet helmet with MIPS technology, $110; giro.com)

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