This Simple Workout Accessory Is TikTok's Favorite Way to Intensify Squats

Nearly 10,000 Amazon shoppers recommend the $15 option.

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After a certain number of reps, squats will bring the burn — and that's how you know they're really working. But for those looking to level-up their fitness journey, sometimes adding an extra challenge can make your typical workout routine feel more satisfying. That's why so many TikTok users are turning to a simple, affordable accessory to increase the intensity of their glute exercises: fabric resistance bands.

Sometimes called "booty bands," fabric resistance bands are a non-slip alternative to more traditional latex resistance bands, and they add a little more intensity to your favorite leg and butt exercises. "Resistance bands will target and activate your glutes throughout the entire movement way more than a squat would alone, due to adding resistance and adding time under tension to those muscles that are being targeted," Dannah Bollig, a certified personal trainer and the creator of The DE Method, previously told Shape.

The grippy fabric is what makes them so great for booty-lifting exercises in particular, since they won't slide or rise up like their latex counterparts. To use the circular bands, simply choose one with the right resistance level for your needs, slide it onto your lower thighs (or calves, depending on what exercise you're doing), and be prepared to feel the burn. It'll stay put as you squat without any sliding or folding.

If you want to try the TikTok-approved workout accessory for yourself, thousands of Amazon shoppers recommend the Recredo Booty Bands (Buy It, $15 for 3, Available in a set of three for just $15, each fabric band has a different level of resistance, so you can use them to add a challenge to any exercise. (Psst, if you're starting a home workout routine, this affordable equipment is all you need.)

One TikTok user demonstrated how they incorporate the bands into hip thrusts, while another showed how they use them for squats, pelvic tilts, and squat jumps, in a video that racked up 2 million views. And if you're looking for more ideas, the Recredo bands also come with an instructional pamphlet on how to incorporate them into your workout routine.


Nearly 10,000 Amazon shoppers gave a five-star rating to the Recredo band set, with many raving over the "excellent quality" and durability, especially given the low price. One reviewer said the bands not only make squats more effective, but also do the same for other glute exercises (such as glute bridges), too. "I had no idea I was missing out by not having these bands in my life," they wrote. "They activate every muscle in my glutes and holy moly were my glutes burning."

"The width is wide enough that they don't roll during use and have a non-slip material on the inside in case you're wearing slippery capris or tights," another five-star reviewer wrote. "They can be used on bare skin too, as I have used them with shorts multiple times with no discomfort. The bands are not restrictive, but tight enough that you can feel the burn."

Since they can be tossed in a drawer or bag without adding hardly any extra weight, these fabric bands are travel-friendly and can be used anywhere. And if they get a little sweaty after use, you can easily hand wash them and hang to dry. With all of these glute-building benefits in such a small, budget-friendly package, it's hard not to embrace the hype of these versatile fabric bands. Squats are about to get even more satisfying.

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