In the spirit of high-tech sneaker releases, the brand is releasing a version of Sigourney Weaver's Aliens shoes

By Rachel Jacoby Zoldan

In case you missed the original flick, actress Sigourney Weaver totally crushed it in 1986's Aliens as Ellen Ripley, the butt-kicking heroine who saves the planet from-you guessed it-an alien invasion. And to celebrate the upcoming "Aliens Day" on April 26 (because what day isn't a holiday anymore?), when the film and its precedessor, Alien, will be shown again in theatres nationwide, Reebok is releasing Weaver's butt-kicking, iconic Alien Stomper high-tops. (But can you work out in them? We've got The Best Sneakers to Crush Your Workout Routines.)

Rumor has it the sneakers will be on sale on and available at select Reebok locations on #AlienDay426 (yes, the day already has its own hashtag)-they'll retail for a cool $174.99. And while Reebok originally designed the sneaker exclusively for the film, these swag high-tops were already manufactured once due to consumer demand in 1987, though they were only sold then in a mid-top version (and, technically, those were worn by android Bishop, not Ripley. Just sayin'). This relaunch marks the first time the, well, high high-top will be on sale.

We're thinking of pairing ours with some fresh black leggings and maybe a cute little tee. Because while we love Sigourney's shoes from Aliens, we're gonna pass on her alien-assassinating outfit. (Not to be outdone, Nike Introduces Self-Lacing Sneakers-plus, we rounded up 7 more futuristic sneakers.)

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