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Running Headbands to Help You Breeze Through Your Workout

BBolder Feathered Headband

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This subtly sweet headband is the perfect combination of pastel colors and a fun print. You will surely get compliments when wearing this great headband as you tame your wild hair. ($18.50;

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Carbon38 Manduka Headband

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Good running headbands can be hard to find, but this bright pink headband is sure to keep flyaways in check while looking super stylish. ($4;

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Photo: Carbon 38

Nike Ruched Headband

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Nike knocks it out of the park again with this ballin' headband. We're loving the rouched style and wide band that will keep hair out of your face and help you stay you focused on your run. ($15;

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Photo: Nike

True North Collection Pineapple Print Headband

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This headband is seriously sweet. The width will keep your hair in place while the pineapple print will have you making excuses to wear it for more than just running. ($7;

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Photo: TruthNorthCollection

Lucy Power Double Strap Headband

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Lucy's headband offers more to it than just a fun print. These double straps are made of a moisture-wicking fabric that will pull sweat away from your head. ($12;

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Photo: Lucy

Sweatybands Zenergy Headband

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This vibrant non-slip headband is the perfect pop of color your run needs. Along with its bright color and fun pattern, this running headband's thinner width makes it one of our favorites. ($15;

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Under Armour Tie Dye Headband

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This wide headband is made of breathable moisture-wicking fabric. Plus, we think the black tie-dye is pretty badass. ($11.99;

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Photo: Under Armour

BBolder Reflective Headband

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This reflective headband is a must have if you're running late at night or early in the mornings. This great zebra stripe pattern looks silver in the daylight and reflects in the dark. ($21;

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Nike Lotus Print Headband

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Nike's Dri-fit headband does it all. The fabric used helps keep you dry and comfortable, plus the stretch gives you a snug fit and the reflective Nike logo stands out in the dark. ($18;

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Photo: Nike

Hippie Runner Graphic Headband

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Not only does this fun headband nail how you're probably feeling, but it's also made to stay put while you're running and wicks away your sweat. ($5;

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Photo: Hippie Runner Headbands

Under Armour Boho Headband

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We want to wear this headband for more than just running. It's made with breathable fabric to help you stay dry and as comfortable as you can be on your run. ($11.99;

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Photo: Under Armour

Sweatyband Colorful Headband

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Your hair won't be a distraction to you, but this headband might be a distraction to others. This vibrant print is sure to catch some attention—which is good for you and maybe bad for your competitors. ($15;

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True North Wild Abandon Print Headband

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This handmade headband is so fun. We're loving the bold pattern and thick band for a stylish way to secure hair during runs. ($7;

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Photo: TrueNorthCollection


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