12 Gifts Shape Editors Are Treating Themselves With This Holiday Season

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From a fitness tracker that doubles as stylish jewelry at holiday parties to a self-cleaning water bottle and supportive, comfy footwear, add these must-have gifts handpicked by Shape staffers to your shopping list ASAP.

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Warby Parker Prescription Sunglasses

Warby Parker Sunglasses Editors Picks
Warby Parker

"As a long-time contact lens wearer, napping by the pool on vacation means terror when you wake up with your contacts superglued to your eyeballs. Similarly, wearing glasses while driving when the sun is laser-beaming in your face can be really frustrating. These are just two of the recent examples that solidified for me that I need prescription sunglasses in my life — and, btw, what took me so long to realize this?! I'm looking forward to gifting myself a pair of classic Warby Parker Prescription Sunglasses black sunglasses (Buy It, $95, warbyparker.com) and leveling them up with my RX lenses, so they'll stand the test of time and stand up to my poolside nap needs — because, priorities." —Alyssa Sparacino, deputy editor

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Sephora Favorites Lashstash to Go Mascara Sampler Set


"Sephora Favorites sets are perfectly-packaged gifts, but they're also worth buying for yourself if you love a steal. The Sephora Favorites Lashstash to Go Mascara Sampler Set (Buy It, $29, sephora.com) comes with five travel-sized mascaras, plus a voucher that you can redeem for a full-sized version of one of the products in the package. Mascara is the one thing I'm actually diligent about, throwing out the tube once it expires (usually after about three months, but it depends on the brand) and replacing it with a travel-sized version I don't feel like I'm wasting. Also, I love that this year's set comes with Milk Makeup Kush Mascara (Buy It, $25, sephora.com), one of my personal favorites, and Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (Buy It, $27, sephora.com), a bestseller I've been meaning to try." —Renee Cherry, staff writer

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Fitbit Luxe Special Edition Fitness and Wellness Tracker

FitBit Luxe Wellness Tracker

"If you love jewelry as much as you love working out, you'll understand why I'm all heart-shaped-eyes emoji for the Gorjana Fitbit Luxe (Buy It, $199, fitbit.com). It's one of the chicest fitness devices I've ever seen (and I've been a fitness editor for six years, so I know!). What makes this device so special is that it comes with a gold stainless steel Parker Link Bracelet from jewelry brand Gorjana, as well as a peony classic band for when you want to use it just to work out. (Another option? Buying the Fitbit Luxe and a compatible bracelet from Amazon to get the look for less.) The super-simple display captures my step count, heart rate, workouts, sleep data, and so much more with just a few taps. I also love that the device automatically captures, and assesses, my workouts, because I've previously forgot to log a workout and that pain is so real. A smart device that actually works for me? Sold." —Marietta Aleissi, social media director

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Thousand Fell Women's Lace Up White Sneaker

Thousand Fell Women’s Lace Up White Sneaker
Thousand Fell

"I've been on the hunt for the perfect travel sneaker — a pair that goes with every outfit, can be dressed up or down, is comfy to walk in, and isn't a pain to smash into my backpack when I'm in a packing frenzy. Needless to say, I think I've found the perfect pair from new sustainable brand Thousand Fell. Made with bioleather (read: vegan) fabric that's coated in natural quartz on top of a recycled yoga mat insole (cool, right?), the Thousand Fell Women's Lace Up White Sneaker (Buy It, $120, thousandfell.com) promises to be completely stainproof and waterproof, as well as 100 percent recyclable. (You send them back to the brand when you're done, and they pay you $20 to recycle them!)" —Lauren Mazzo, senior editor

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Brooklyn Candle Studio's Candle of the Month Club Subscription

Brooklyn Candle Studio Candle of the Month Club
Brooklyn Candle Studio

"One intention I'm taking into 2022 is to make more time to enjoy the simple moments that make me the happiest. And there are few things in life that bring me the kind of joy lighting a new candle brings. So it only makes sense that the gift at the top of my list is a candle subscription from Brooklyn Candle Studio. Not only are they a local, woman-founded business, but their candles are also eco-friendly, made with 100 percent soy wax derived from American-grown soybeans and lead-free cotton wicks. For $25 a month, you can subscribe to their Candle of the Month Club (Buy It, $25 per month, brooklyncandlestudio.com) and receive a seasonally scented candle, plus a box of long matches to light it up. It's truly the gift that keeps on giving." —Hannah Chambley Williams, social media producer

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Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo Camera

"While he's still just a few months old, our new pup, Franklin, will soon enough be able to spend time home alone out of his crate. And when that happens, I'm going to want to know exactly what the little guy does when we're away. (What can I say? I'm an overbearing dog mom.) Enter: the Furbo Dog Camera (Buy It, $164, amazon.com), a magical little device that allows you to see, talk, and toss treats to your pet from any distance. Not only does it capture all those cute moments I'm definitely not going to want to miss, but it also offers a peek into the secret life of Franklin, which will undoubtedly do wonders for my mental health. Plus, it sends real-time alerts so I can keep track of Franklin's activity (and, in turn, stay up-to-date on any behavioral patterns that might hint at, say, separation anxiety) and know if anyone comes into the apartment (think: person, dog walker, intruder)." —Elizabeth Bacharach, associate editor (

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Dankso Lucie Charcoal Mules

Dankso’s Lucie Charcoal Mule:

"This year, I'm gifting myself these ultra-supportive Dansko Lucie Charcoal Mules (Buy It, $125, zappos.com). The stain-resistant uppers are made from a cozy wool blend, keeping your toes nice and toasty throughout the chilly winter months, and the footbeds feature enough arch-support that you can wear them all day long without experiencing any aches or pains." —Megan Falk, editorial assistant (

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LoveSweatFitness' 2022 #GOALS Planner

LoveSweatFitness' 2022 #GOALS Planner
Love Sweat Fitness

"I recently received the LoveSweatFitness 2022 #GOALS Planner (Buy It, $39, my.lovesweatfitness.com) and it's quite amazing. The planner is perfect for those who are working on their goals (like me!) and need a motivational book to organize. It comes with a daily, weekly, and monthly view, with micro and macro goal-setting worksheets as well as a 2021 reflection and 2022 goal-setting worksheet. The planner also comes with stickers, a manifestation guide, and my favorite part: resource pages in the back, which include stretches for a good night's rest and DIY face mask recipes." —Akeesha Williams, social media coordinator

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The DB Method Machine

DB Method Machine
The DB Method

"One of Shape's writers tested out The DB Method Machine earlier this year, and it's been on my radar ever since. The at-home squat machine is basically a booty-building legend with fans like Kim Kardashian, Hailey Bieber, and Traces Ellis Ross. The DB Method Machine (Buy It, $329, thedbmethod.com) claims to target all the glute muscles — the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus — to help you get a perkier peach in just 10 minutes per day. Plus, it's small enough to fit under my couch aka the requirement for any NYC-sized apartment. Add to cart immediately!" —Braelyn Wood, health and wellness ecommerce lead

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LARQ Bottle PureVis™

LARQ Bottle PureVis™

"I've left my chapstick, sunglasses, and even keys in the house when heading out, but I never, ever would dare shut the door behind me without my giant, clanky emotional support water bottle. But that love really shows — I notice that my beloved bottle accumulates grime and film super-quick. And as a perpetually lazy person (at least when it comes to cleaning), this can be problematic. Enter: the LARQ Bottle PureVis™ (Buy It, $95, livelarq.com), a stylish, insulated water bottle that actually cleans itself. (Yep, you read that correctly.) According to the company's site, the bottle uses a technology they've patented themselves (called PureVis™ UV-C LED) that kills up to 99.99 percent of bacteria and viruses living in the bottle every two hours. Plus, there are no filters involved, so once you have the bottle, you're good as gold. Being a (hydrated) slob has never been so easy." —Julia Sullivan, staff editor and writer

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Hush Puppies Women's Seventy8 Sneakers

Hush Puppies

"I wear my Converse Chuck Taylor low-top sneakers and all-white Vans religiously, but I could use some variety in my collection. I love a good sneaker that can be dressed up or dressed down, as well as kicks that are comfortable but stylish — these Seventy8 sneakers from Hush Puppies (Buy It, $80, hushpuppies.com) fit the bill. I love the classic silhouette and the tan, white, and black color goes with everything in my mostly-neutrals closet." —Sparacino

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I AM & CO intention deck

I AM & CO intention deck
Smudge Wellness

"Working in social media, I'm always looking for ways to add mindfulness to my days. And while I always have the best intention to meditate each morning, unfortunately, it doesn't always happen. Enter: the I AM & CO intention deck (Buy It, $45, smudgewellness.com). I can pull a card within the deck at random each morning or search for the intention I want to set for my day, and, BAM — instant mindfulness. I also love that the kit is paired with a set of travel-friendly stones with explanations of what each does, as I've always been a bit curious about crystals. These quick, but thoughtfully written, cards are the perfect mini-meditation I need to start my day and I can't wait to gift myself a little TLC to start 2022 off right." —Malessi

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