The Best Snowboard and Ski Goggles That Are Functional and Stylish

Consider these technical features before picking out your next pair of ski goggles. Plus, find the top picks from brands like Smith, Oakley, Spy Optics, Bolle, Amazon, and more.

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Few sports combine function and fashion quite like winter sports. Luckily for skiers and snowboarders, outdoor brands have truly mastered making technical pieces that are also aesthetically pleasing, such as ski goggles. (Did you catch the Smith x Supreme ski goggles collaboration?) Not only do ski goggles offer protection from UV rays and help you see better on the mountain by minimizing glare and offering color definition, but they also look rad in a mountain top selfie.

But there are more factors to consider when choosing the right ski goggles, besides just honing in on a bright neon pair that coordinates with your mountain look. You might want to prioritize frames with venting to allow airflow, lenses with anti-fog coating, ski goggles that can accommodate your prescription glasses underneath, or an option with removable lenses so you can swap them out for different weather conditions. FYI: You'll usually receive two sets of lenses upon purchasing goggles—one dark lens for sunny days and one light lens for overcast days. (

If having a birds-eye view is important to you, then you'll want to opt for a spherical lens—which might cost more than a standard cylindrical lens—that offers a wider field of vision, clearer views, and a lot less glare. Of course, fit is most likely one of your biggest concerns, so turn your attention to women's ski goggles specifically, since the design takes into account a smaller head, ensuring a more comfortable and snug fit. And if you happened to purchase your helmet first (or are renting at the mountain), the good news about ski goggles is that most are designed to play well with just about any helmet, regardless of whether the manufacturers are the same.

Here, the best ski goggles on the market from tried-and-true brands like Smith, Oakley, and Spy Optics and also a few highly rated ski goggles on Amazon that won't break the bank.

The Best Ski Goggles (That You Can Also Wear Snowboarding)

Best Overall Ski Goggle: Smith 4D Mag Goggles

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While they might be a splurge, Smith makes ski goggles that are packed with serious innovations and strive to keep up with the demands of athletes. This latest style boasts MAG technology, which uses magnets that lock lenses in place, making them effortless to change. These Smith ski goggles also have rounded bottoms that increase your field of vision below you and comes with two ChromaPop performance lenses that you can swap in and out depending on the light conditions.

Buy It, Smith 4D Ski Goggles, $280,

Best for Wall to Wall Vision: Oakley Line Miner XM Snow Goggle

best ski goggles oakley

If peripheral vision is a priority when shopping for snow eyewear, these Oakley ski goggles are for you. The cylindrical style helps these sit closer to your face, offering incomparable downward and wide views. This goggle is optimized for a variety of face shapes and is designed to fit perfectly under most helmets, so you won't have an annoying gap.

Buy It, Oakley Line Miner XM Snow Goggle, $150,

Best for Over Your Glasses: OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles Pro

best ski goggles outdoor master

Amazon's number one seller in "snow sports goggles," these large spherical frames not only provide a clear picture of the terrain, but they also give you the ability to wear your everyday glasses underneath—essentially a prescription ski goggle hack. Reviewers of this top-rated ski goggle also love how the lens magnetically snaps into the frame, making it easy to remove and store in the protective bag traveling to and from the mountain and during après ski. With 20 frame shades to choose from—all being 100 percent UV protected—you can't go wrong with this affordable option.

Buy It, OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles Pro, $25,

Best for Adjusting to Light Conditions: Julbo Cyrius Goggles

best ski goggles julbo

On top of the trendy color combination, these ski goggles have photochromic lenses that automatically adjust to changing light conditions by adapting to UV lighting in real-time, resulting in a perfect sight while you are shredding down the slopes. Plus, they have an anti-fog coating, protect against 100 pecent of UV rays, and have venting in the frame to increase airflow.

Buy It, Julbo Cyrius Goggles, $220,

Best Women's Ski Goggles: Bolle Scarlett Modulator Goggles

best ski goggles bolle

Designed specifically for smaller faces, these Bolle ski goggles ensure a snug, comfy fit, thanks to a double layer of plush foam, so that you don't have to worry about constantly adjusting them mid-run. With anti-fog coating and venting for airflow, these polarized lenses will stay clear and sharp and are equally great for overcast or sunny days.

Buy It, Bolle Scarlett Modulator Goggles, $46, $60,

Best for Happy Vibes: Spy Optic Legacy Goggles

best ski goggles spy optics

This oversized, yet sleek ski goggle features patented Happy Lens technology, which enhances color and contrast while using the therapeutic powers of long-wave blue light to lift your mood, alertness, and overall performance. It also provides 100 percent UV protection, is anti-fog and anti-scratch, and has frame venting and moisture-wicking face foam around the edges to keep you comfortable all day. Bonus: You can change your lens on the fly with the touch of a button, eliminating any hassle.

Buy It, Spy Optic Legacy Goggles, $230,

Best Budget Pick: Zionor Lagopus Snowboard Goggles

best ski goggles zionor

With over 1,200 Amazon customer reviews, these ski goggles are ideal for beginner skiers and snowboarders who don't want to invest a lot of money in gear right out of the gate. And if you tend to misplace things, it wouldn't be a huge deal if you left these behind on your hot cocoa stop. For a cool $20, you still get a ton of great features, including ventilation to keep fog and moisture away, anti-scratch protection, and an adjustable strap for a customized fit.

Buy It, Zionor Lagopus Snowboard Goggles, $20,

Best for Freestyle Skiers: Shred Optics Amazify Goggles

best ski goggles shred

For freestyle skiers who love to spin, flip, or hit the half-pipe or terrain park, you'll need eyewear that will stay put. The grippy strap on these ski goggles guarantees a no-slip fit, while the no distortion technology ensures your view doesn't become warped when you need it the most, like when you are whipping through trees or hurtling down moguls.

Buy It, Shred Optics Amazify Goggles, $150,

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