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We Love This Sleek and Subtle Activity Tracker Ring

Tired of your bulky wrist activity tracker? Hate having to choose between wearing your tracker and your watch? Looking for a smaller, less noticeable option that works in the office and the gym?

Motiv—the new activity tracker ring—is here to solve all your problems. It packs all the features of a typical activity band (sleep tracking, heart rate sensor, steps, and calories burned) in a sleek little package you can slide on your finger. And get this: since it's waterproof up to 50 meters, you can wear it through swimming, showering, washing dishes, and all the other daily activities that your old fitness tracker may not have been able to handle. (This fitness tracker personality quiz can also help you find the best fit.)

Motiv Ring

The ring is designed with a special flat section—where the heart rate sensor lives—so that it's constantly in contact with your skin. A three-axis accelerometer helps measure distance traveled as well as activity type and steps. (Yes, really—all that is inside this little guy.)

The ring's battery lasts up to five days and comes with a USB magnetic keychain charger, so you can charge anywhere, anytime (without any pesky cords). The ultralight titanium band will stand up to tough workouts—but won't weigh your finger down—meaning, you can kettlebell swing, bench press, and burpee to your heart's content without worrying about getting a scratch on it. Considering it comes in oh-so-chic rose gold, you're definitely going to want to keep it in mint condition. (Not into the rose gold trend? No worries—it comes in slate gray too.)

kettlebell motiv

The $199 ring is available for pre-order in ring sizes six through 12 and will ship sometime in spring 2017. Their special sizing process lets you can find the perfect size for your index, middle, or ring finger.


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