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This Smart Cycling Helmet Is About to Change Bike Safety Forever

You probably already know that sticking headphones in your ears on a bike ride isn't the greatest idea. Yeah, they can help you get into your workout ~zone~, but that sometimes means tuning out important environmental cues like honking horns, revving engines, or other cyclists calling out to pass. (Related: 14 Things Cyclists Wish They Could Tell Drivers)

A safe solution is finally here: the Coros LINX Smart Cycling Helmet that combines the best cycling helmet design (read: low-drag, aerodynamic, and well-ventilated) with revolutionary open-ear bone conduction technology that allows you to listen to music, take phone calls, hear voice navigation and ride data, and communicate with another LINX rider—all while still safely hearing what's going on around you. (P.S. Cycling might make you live longer.)

What is bone conduction, you ask? Essentially, the helmet holds a sound piece against your upper cheekbones where sounds waves are converted unto vibrations. The cochlea (the auditory portion of the inner ear) receives the vibrations, bypassing the ear canal and eardrum—allowing you to hear both the audio from your phone and noise from your surroundings. leaving them over to hear things from your surroundings. The smart helmet wirelessly connects to a smartphone app and a handlebar remote, so you can control volume, song selection, pause/play, and take calls without looking away or taking your hands off the handlebars. Trying a new route? It can give you directions, as well as keep you updated on speed, distance, time, pace, and calorie burn. 

And the kicker: The helmet also has an emergency alert system that's triggered when the G-sensor senses significant impact, immediately sending an alert and GPS notification to a designated emergency contact.

You can grab the helmet on the Coros website for $200—but before you scoff at the price tag, remember that this is essentially like your cycling tracking app, a GPS, a super-safe helmet, an emergency alarm system, and the ultimate pair of Bluetooth headphones all in one.

Cycling just got a whoooole lot safer—and, thanks to your Beyoncé workout playlist, a whole lot more fun too.


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