This high-tech lock takes less than one second to open and doesn't require a combination.

By Renee Cherry

You can unlock all your tech devices with your fingerprint, but when it comes to actual locks, combinations and keys are the norm. That's why the company Tapplock rolled out an upgrade to the traditional padlock. It opens in 0.8 seconds at the touch of a finger, according to a press release from the company. (This smart coffee machine should also be on your radar.)

The lock connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth, where you can set up the lock through the Tapplock app. There you can allow access for up to 500 fingerprints, permanently or for a set period of time. Once it's set up, you can open the lock using your finger, your phone via Bluetooth, or by tapping the power button with a long and short "Morse code" combination. The locks have a rechargeable battery that lasts around 3,500 unlocks per two-hour charge. They come in black, gunmetal, and silver at $99 a pop. (Next, check out this smart sports bra that can help you combat stress.)


If you've ever experienced the despair that comes with messing up your combo for the third time in a row, you'll fully appreciate the concept. It can eliminate the scramble for your key when you're retrieving your bike in the cold and the paranoia you get when someone's ~lingering~ as you input your combo.

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January 13, 2019
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