I Despised Thongs for Years Until I Discovered This Super Comfy Pair for Working Out

Created by celebrity-approved brand Spanx, the lightweight thong is made with moisture-wicking fabric that stays dry through even the sweatiest workout.

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When I was a preteen, my mom proclaimed thongs as "uncomfortable butt floss" and the label stuck with me ever since. While I admit to accumulating a few pairs over the next decade, the unreliable cut never seemed to stay in place on my body and always induced a pesky wedgie. So naturally, they became the last style to be worn from my underwear drawer, a sign it was time to do laundry. (

However, my disinterest in thongs ended a few months ago. As my time spent in the gym increased, I realized how important it was to find good workout underwear. My daily go-to style—a cheeky, lacy bikini—couldn't handle the sweat of an intense cycle class, bunched uncomfortably under my leggings, and gave the worst possible panty lines. After some research, I was forced to accept the inevitable: Only one pair would address my workout undie woes, and it was the Spanx Under Statements Thongs (Buy It, $20, spanx.com).

Despite my hesitance, I decided to try the damn thing—and let's just say there were zero regrets. The best-selling style is not only the comfiest thong I've ever worn, but perhaps the most comfortable underwear to ever grace my bum. Unlike other items in Spanx's lineup, these panties have zero shaping technology and sit gently on the skin with a no-dig fit that promises all-day comfort. (

One of my favorite parts of the thong cut is how well it wears through workout classes. The laser-cut edges ensure you never have to deal with VPL (i.e. visible panty lines) through your leggings, while the lightweight, perforated fabric allows for plenty of airflow. The fabric is also moisture-wicking to keep you dry during intense cardio sessions, and the undies never uncomfortably bunch up. In fact, they stay *firmly* in place through a variety of workouts, including boxing, boot camp, dance class, and even cycling.

Spanx Under Statements Thong

Buy It: Spanx Under Statements Thong, $20, spanx.com

While my affinity for workout clothes might seem better suited to workout leggings, a sports bra, or even a gym bag, underwear is a critical item that should not be overlooked; it can make or break a workout. This thong has seen me through froggers on the reformer in Pilates, tap-backs in spin, and squats in Barrys—and has never once given me a wedgie. Now, I can focus all of my energy on maximizing my movements instead of worrying about a potential wardrobe malfunction. (

Perhaps my greatest testament to this thong is that it has actually become the first pair I gravitate toward after laundry day. I even like to keep a spare pair in my gym bag so I can change into it for spontaneous workouts. Luckily, they come in a variety of nude colorways and fun prints, so I've got plenty of options to choose from as I slowly replace my entire underwear drawer.

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