Apple Watch users, rejoice!

By Sophia Melissa Caraballo
November 15, 2018

Cueing up your favorite running playlist just got so much easier: Spotify announced that it's finally releasing the beta version of its app for the Apple Watch.

If you're an Apple Watch user and a Spotify fan, you probably already know that without a full-fledged app, Spotify had limited features on the watch. To use Spotify, you had to run the app on your iPhone, and you could only see the "Now Playing" interface on the watch screen. That meant you could control the playback and the volume, but that was about it. (Related: The Best Free Apps for Runners)

Now, you can click through your playlists, shuffle and skip songs, access your favorite and recently played tracks, and do a quick fast-forward or rewind a podcast in 15-second increments. If you find a new song you love, you can easily hit the heart button on your watch screen to save it to your collection. Best part? You can do all of this right from your wrist, without taking your phone out of your pocket, bag, or running belt. (Related: This Woman Used Spotify Running Playlists to Become a Better Runner)

The perks aren't limited to your headphones, either. Use Spotify Connect with certain Wi-Fi-connected devices (such as speakers and laptops) to DJ from your wrist. (That's right: No more "Where's my phone?!" charade when the wrong song is totally killing your party vibe.)

Photo: Spotify

Unfortunately, you won't be able to download and listen to music offline from your Apple Watch just yet. If you want to listen to music offline, you'll still need to have your phone with you. Luckily, Spotify recently announced that downloading a song to a playlist or listening to music offline is in the pipeline for the future. (Related: The New Apple Watch Series 4 Has Some Fun Upgraded Health and Wellness Features)

The app will be rolling out to users within the next couple of days-just be sure to update the Spotify app on your phone for the new and improved Apple Watch experience.