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Stylish Size 12 Sneakers to Take You From the Gym to the Streets

Style Without Size Limits

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Growing up as a girl with size 12 feet, I envied my friends' cute sneakers but knew they were always off-limits to me. I had to settle for neutral men's shoes that didn't offend but certainly weren't cool. Luckily, the sneaker biz has come a long way since then, and us size 12 ladies can (finally!) get in on the good stuff. Whether it's dipping into actually cool men's styles (someone figured out men like color too) or sleuthing out cute women's options in extended sizing, ladies with bigger feet no longer need to settle! Ready to trade in those boring sneaks? These size 12 picks will take you from your next workout to weekend errands with style to spare. (Next up: Why I #LoveMyShape.)

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Photo: Katie Sturino/The 12ish Style

New Balance 580 Polka Dot

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The polka dot pattern is cute and unexpected—plus, New Balance is a great pick for wide and narrow feet. ($100;

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Photo: New Balance

Nike Air Max 90 Hyp Premium

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I am a sucker for all things blue, and these are right to the point. ($180;

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Photo: Nike

Reebok Insta Pump Fury OG

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These feel like a happy candy rain shower...what could be better?! ($200;

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Photo: Reebok

Asics Gel-Quantum 360

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Neutral doesn't have to mean boring thanks to the metallic highlight on these go-tos. ($170;

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Photo: Asics

Brooks PureFlow 5

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Known for their running shoes, Brooks' all-black pair is clean and chic. ($100;

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Photo: Brooks

Nike Free RN Distance

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These are men's! I told you men like color now. Meow! ($120;

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Photo: Nike

Nike Free RN Flyknit

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The perfect go-with-anything black and white sneakers for in or out of the gym. ($130;

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Photo: Nike


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