The 2021 Shape Well Tech Awards

From lightning-quick coffee machines to compact treadmills, these tech products are delivering next-level wellness.

The 2021 Shape Well Tech Awards

The Shape Squad — a group of fitness-, health-, and beauty-minded staffers — tested and approved these 10 cutting-edge tech products that not only enhance your physical and mental states, but also make your wellness routine much easier. Fair warning, you'll want to splurge on all of these picks, so get your credit card ready.

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A Power Tool to Undo Stiffness: LightStim for Pain

LightStim for Pain

Using a mix of amber, red, and infrared LED light, the LightStim for Pain device is FDA approved to soothe sore muscles and joints with its warm energy. Plus, it boosts circulation to the spot to enhance healing. Apply the wand for five to 30 minutes wherever you ache for a dose of temporary relief.

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Fastest Cold Brew You Can Do: Hamilton Beach Convenient Craft Rapid Cold Brew and Hot Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach Convenient Craft Rapid Cold Brew and Hot Coffee Maker
Hamilton Beach

Got six minutes? Go from coffee grounds to enjoying your java on the rocks with Hamilton Beach's Convenient Craft Rapid Cold Brew and Hot Coffee Maker. The magic kicks in when one ounce of hot water gets the joe brewing, and then a rush of cold water finishes the job. Makes up to 16 ounces, whether you choose chilled or steamy — with the latter ready in three minutes flat. (Wait, what's the difference between cold brew and iced coffee, anyway?)

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Sun Shield Up: Oakley Kato Sunglasses

Oakley Kato Sunglasses

Maybe you spotted Olympians in Oakley's wraparound Kato shades — you'll feel like a superhero in them too. The frame-less sunglasses have a gotcha-covered nose bridge right where the sun likes to fry — for a precise fit, there are three sizes of no-slip nose pads to choose from. Plus, a joint in the earpieces lets the shield tilt to fit your contours and your liking.

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A Compact Stream Machine with Smarts: Technogym MyRun Treadmill

Technogym MyRun Treadmill

Technogym has packed its usual luxe into the minimalist MyRun treadmill, with a footprint not much bigger than a yoga mat. Its dashboard includes just speed and incline levers, so you can Zen out as you go. Or connect your tablet to its top slot to choose from dozens of free on-demand running and walking workouts — updated weekly. (There are also other routines, like strength and yoga, so you can mix it up.) Another plus: The tread automatically powers down to standby mode to save electricity. (Related: The 8 Best Folding Treadmills for Small Spaces, According to Customer Reviews)

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The Supreme Clean: Molekule Air Mini+ Purifier

Molekule Air Mini+ Purifier

Molekule's eminently totable Air Mini+ purifier is here to meet the moment. It senses floating particles (like respiratory droplets) and other pollutants (viruses, bacteria, chemicals, mold), drawing them in from some 250 square feet of airspace. They're eliminated by a special filter that's FDA approved to destroy bacteria and viruses, including the coronavirus. Plus, it dynamically adjusts to deliver the best airflow. (More here: The Best Air Purifiers for Filtering Your Space)

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Warm Up Without the Bulk: Reebok Thermowarm+Graphene Zip-Up Jacket

Thermowarm+Graphene Zip-Up Jacket

Your fall fitness go-to is about to get an upgrade with Reebok's new Thermowarm+Graphene Zip-Up Jacket. One of the first pieces in its innovative apparel collection, the breathable layer contains printed graphene-infused panels within the hood to retain 8 to 15 percent more body heat. (Related: The Best Running Jackets for Cold-Weather Workouts, According to Reviews)

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By Leaps and Bounds: New Balance FuelCell RC Elite v2 Sneaker

New Balance FuelCell RC Elite v2 Sneaker
New Balance

This cushiony FuelCell RC Elite v2 Sneaker from New Balance is full of beauty and boing. The distance runner is made with the brand's best energy- return foam, which provides maximal propulsion per stride — more than any other model in the line. Lace up, and get ready for takeoff.

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Bespoke Skin Care: Atolla


Founded by an MIT grad and a dermatologist, Atolla crunches 21 unique factors about your skin via an easy, at-home test kit (which measures oil, moisture, and pH). You'll also take a background quiz — on your goals, skin history, allergies, medication, and lifestyle — to home in on which of more than 1.4 million potential combos is yours. The resulting custom products are shipped monthly to your door. All one needs to do is slather and glow. (These other custom skin-care brands will help take out the guesswork, too.)

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Come Light This Way: Brooklyn Boulders

Light-up Rock Climbing at Brooklyn Boulders
Courtesy of Brooklyn Boulders

Climbing walls just got even cooler. Brooklyn Boulders — a chain of premium indoor rock-climbing gyms with locations in NYC, Boston, Chicago and DC — just enabled its walls to light your path upward as you go. Simply follow the illuminated neon holes, which are color coded to guide you to the most efficient route or the one with maximum challenge. Both lead to a fun, high-energy workout.

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Your Blowout Goes Cordless: VOLO Go Cordless Dryer

Volo Go Cordless Dryer
Volvo Beauty

And the ability to go untethered as you multitask your morning prep? Golden. The chic, salon-level VOLO Go Cordless Dryer dries hair at lower temps thanks to infrared heat from its new quartz technology, but it also uses a third of the power of others with comparable horsepower.

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