The Apple Watch Has a New Feature to Inspire You to Walk More

Time to Walk allows you to fit in a workout while getting inside the heads of some of your favorite celebrities.

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Plenty of fitness pros will tell you not to underestimate the power of walking. Even though it might not make you feel out of breath or have you drenched in sweat, walking still raises your heart rate, not to mention it can be a way to de-stress, and it might even help lower your risk of some diseases. If you'd like to get in on those benefits by fitting more steps into your days, Apple has released a new tool that can help you make it happen. The company just launched Time to Walk, an audio experience for Fitness+ subscribers with an Apple Watch. (

Each 25- to 40-minute episode of Time to Walk features a different famous guest who talks through everything from life lessons and memories to sources of gratitude while you listen during your stroll. But unlike the typical episode of an inspirational podcast, each Time to Walk episode is recorded while the guest is walking outside or in a location that's meaningful to them — so it's kind of like they're walking alongside you.

Another unique aspect: Throughout each episode, photos pop up on your Apple Watch to illustrate various subjects that the celeb guest talks about. Plus, every episode ends with a selection of songs chosen by the guest that's motivated them in their life. Conveniently, any time you start listening to an episode, your watch automatically starts logging a workout. (

Apple launched the feature today with four episodes featuring a noteworthy lineup. Country singer Dolly Parton discusses her career and upbringing, NBA player Draymond Green speaks on the positives of failure and dealing with criticism, pop star Shawn Mendes reflects on how a slower pace has benefited him personally and creatively, and Orange Is the New Black's Uzo Aduba talks about lifelong relationships. Apple will drop a new episode every Monday through the end of April, and each episode will be automatically downloaded to any Apple Watch with a Fitness+ subscription.


ICYDK, Fitness+ is Apple's newly-launched workout subscription streaming service. In addition to the new Time to Walk feature, Apple Fitness+ subscribers get access to over 200 workouts and the ability to seamlessly track their metrics on Apple devices. The service costs $10 per month or $80 per year. (Here's a Shape editor's review of Apple Fitness+.)

If you've been meaning to walk more but struggle to find the motivation, Time to Walk might make you more inclined to follow through. It's safe to say that if the thought of a virtual walk with Dolly Parton doesn't inspire you to go for a stroll, nothing will.

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