The Best Cycling Apps for Indoor and Outdoor Rides

The Best Cycling Apps for Indoor and Outdoor Rides , Asian healthy Cyclist girl wearing helmet Cycling and exercise on bicycle in sprint track and open road
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Find the best cycling app for planning your training, streaming classes, and tracking your progress.

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The Best Bike Tracker Apps, Depending On How You're Riding

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The low-tech quality of the bicycle is part of its beauty, no doubt. But even if you romanticize the thought of traveling for miles powered by your own endurance and nothing more, you may still appreciate the ways that technology can improve your rides. If your phone's ever run out of battery while guiding you through a ride, it's not something you take for granted, and there's no denying that pedaling in your living room is more enjoyable with an upbeat playlist and an instructor cheering you on. (

Many apps promise to make the cycling experience more enjoyable and provide feedback on your distance, pace, and more. Whether you just want a GPS function to track your performance as you're riding outdoors, or an immersive virtual indoor cycling experience, you've got options. Ahead, the best cycling app for every fitness level and preference.

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If you're a long distance runner, then you're probably at least somewhat familiar with Strava, if not an avid user. The app isn't just useful for planning and tracking long runs, but rides as well. Before an outdoor ride, you can select a "segment," aka a popular route among users, or you can use the app's quick route-building feature to easily map out your own. Then, bring your phone or wearable on your ride — Strava is compatible with devices from more than 30 brands including Fitbit, Garmin, and Whoop — and the app will track stats including distance, pace, and calories burned. When it comes to indoor cycling, you can also opt to have any rides you complete automatically uploaded to Strava if you own a compatible bike such as a Peloton or Zwift. Strava bills itself as the "social network for athletes," and you can use it to share your activity, cheer on friends, and compete in challenges. (

Get it: Available in the App Store and on Google Play. Free to download; $5/month to subscribe and unlock premium features.

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It's no secret that the popularity of Peloton's stationary bikes skyrocketed recently, thanks to an increased interest in indoor workouts. But even if you didn't hop on the bandwagon and purchase a bike, you may still have interest in the Peloton app. With a digital membership to the app, you can access thousands of classes including strength, yoga, and cycling classes, and more, which you can complete at home without needing a Peloton bike. If you do own a Peloton, you'll have even more reason to consider this the best indoor cycling app, since you can use the app to view your metrics and a leaderboard during class. (

Get it: Available in the App Store and the Amazon App Store, and on Google Play. Free to download and 30-day trial; $39/month to subscribe if you have a Peloton bike or treadmill or $13/month for a digital membership without the bike or treadmill.

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Map My Ride by Under Armour

You might already look to Under Armour to outfit your body for cycling excursions, but it's also behind one of the best apps for tracking bike rides. You can use Map My Ride to find nearby routes and save your favorites, and then receive insights including the average speed, duration, calorie burn, and distance of a workout, and how you're making progress on these metrics over time. The app is compatible with hundreds of fitness devices, making for seamless tracking. The cycling app is free, but with a premium membership subscription you can access bonus features such as the ability to track custom splits and access personal training plans.

Get it: Available in the App Store and on Google Play. Free to download; $6/month or $30/year to subscribe and unlock premium features.

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Zwift: Ride and Run

Prefer to use your road or mountain bike for indoor training instead of purchasing a stationary bike? You can do so and still get a virtual ride experience with the Zwift app. You'll just need to purchase a trainer, which is a device that holds your bike in place. (Check out this option from BalanceFrom.) Choose from a classic trainer, which clocks your speed, or a smart trainer, which can additionally modify your resistance to mimic going up or downhill and measure your power. (If you'd prefer a stationary bike, there are three smart bikes that work with Zwift, as well.) Once you've set up your bike and dowloaded the app on your smart device, you can embark on virtual rides that take place in locations including France, Japan, and the fantastical "Watopia" island. Follow a customized training plan, compete against other users in races, select a free ride setting.

Get it: Available in the App Store and on Google Play. Free to download and 7-day trial; $15/month to subscribe.

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No need to purchase a specific bike to use Motosumo. You can use the cycling app while riding any stationary bike, whether you have a top-of-the-line-model or an ancient version that's been in your basement forever, or you're trying to fit in a workout at a hotel. You won't need a fitness tracker either — the app uses motion sensors on your smartphone to track metrics such as cadence and calories burned. You can join live classes ranging in length from 30 to 60 minutes offered throughout the day, including beginner-friendly options. Some of the classes incorporate games, races, and team challenges to help keep things interesting.

Get it: Available in the App Store and on Google Play. Free to download and 7-day trial; $13/month to subscribe.

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Some people just like going for joy rides, others put serious effort behind improving their performance to reach new heights with every pedal stroke. If you're squarely in the latter camp, you'll probably view TrainerRoad as one of the best cycling app options. You can use the app to create a custom training plan ahead of a road, triathlon, or off-road event based around your goals and weekly schedule. Each training plan includes three phases — one for building endurance, another for raising your FTP (functional threshold power, or your ability to maintain power over time), and a third for fine-tuning every skill — and is informed by TrainerRoad's database of more than 70 million rides. You can use TrainerRoad for indoor or outdoor cycling by syncing your smartphone, tablet, or computer to a power meter, smart trainer, or a classic trainer with a speed sensor.

Get it: Available in the App Store and on Google Play. Free to download; $20/month or $190/year to subscribe.

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If you're constantly Googling "bike routes near me," AllTrails is worth a download. The AllTrails app has more than 200,000 trail maps which you can use to find your next hike or bike ride no matter where you're at. You'll be able to see photos of a trail and read up on its length, rating, and difficulty, based on reviews from other AllTrails users. Once you head out on your ride, the app becomes a map in case you need navigation assistance. It also tracks your pace, distance, elevation, and max speed. A paid membership option allows you to download maps for offline viewing and share your location with safety contacts when you're out on a ride. (

Get it: Available in the App Store and on Google Play. Free to download; $30/year or $60/three years to subscribe.

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The next time you go on a scenic outdoor ride, Relive can help you document the experience. All you have to do is snap some photos along the way and allow the app to track your journey via GPS. Then, it'll package everything into a video that pans across 3D map of your route with your pictures interspersed throughout. You can easily share the video on social media or save it to look back on when you want to repeat the experience or just "relive" it. The app is free, but paid subscribers have more control when editing videos, with features such as the ability to document 12+-hour trips and to add music to finished product.

Get it: Available in the App Store and on Google Play. Free to download and 30-day trial; $7/month or $39/year to subscribe and unlock premium features.

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