This Fitness App Is Tiding Me Over Until My Beloved Studios Are Open Again

I can choose from thousands of workouts, including Pilates, boxing, yoga, and more.

Neou fitness app

Prior to the pandemic, I was a workout class fiend. I jumped from studio to studio, trying out hot yoga, Muay Thai kickboxing, cycling, and boot camp classes to my heart's content. And although some gyms and studios are reopening, I'm just not ready to go back. Now, instead of popping into group fitness classes, I usually head outside for a run or stream a workout class in my living room. I've experimented with my fair share of workout apps over the last several months, but none offer as much variety and easy streaming capabilities for an affordable price as NEOU.

The app offers live streaming and on-demand workout classes for all fitness levels. You can follow guided programs, set goals, and track your progress for a highly personalized experience or simply pick classes to try out based on your interests or how much time you have to squeeze in a sweat. You can filter classes by duration, body-area focus, and equipment to easily find one that's right for you.

When I first downloaded the app, I was shocked by the sheer number of classes available. There are thousands of classes and trainers span 26 different fitness modalities. Think high-energy dance classes, technical barre routines, and strengthening yoga flows. It's like having access to hundreds of studios no matter where you're working out. (

I took a zero-equipment boxing class that left me red-faced and dripping with sweat in just 30 minutes, a quick and efficient core workout that fired up my abdominal muscles, and a yoga class to open up my shoulders all in one week for a fun mash-up fitness schedule. Switching up my workout routine with such varied classes reminded me of my former studio hopping days, and I'm so glad I found an app to tide me over until I can return to my favorite classes IRL.

The app is compatible with Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, and Xbox, so not only can I follow a workout on my smartphone or laptop, but I can also stream classes on my TV. And watching an instructor on a bigger screen makes all the difference. Plus, you can stream from up to two devices at the same time and download classes to watch even if you don't have service or wifi. (

Visiting hundreds of fitness studios in person would cost a small fortune, but you can download the NEOU workout app for free from the Apple App Store or on Google Play, and enjoy a 30-day free trial to make sure it's a fit for your lifestyle. If you decide to commit, the price of an annual membership is just $50.

Ready to jazz up your workout routine? Check out NEOU today to gain access to thousands of high-quality workout classes you can do wherever you want.

Neou fitness app

Buy It: NEOU, starting at $50/year,

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