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These New ~Magical~ Sneakers Change Color Like Chameleons

It used to be that you had to run really effing fast to pull a disappearing act during your run. Now, you can just do it with your shoes.

Asics just cooked up a new color-changing "Chameleoid Mesh" fabric that changes colors depending on the angle you look at them. So, ok, you're not going to disappear, but your feet will definitely be pulling off some next-level magic tricks, awing everyone you pass.

The fabric was created by the Asics Institute of Sports Science and a Japanese textile company called Toray Advanced Textiles Development Center that engineered a fabric that not only changes color from one view to the next, but is breathable, lightweight, and extra flexible and accommodating to your foot's movement.

Asics Chameleoid Mesh

"Using Toray's high-performance fibers and textile design technology, we were able to develop a material with a special design and that offers a high degree of functionality," said Satoshi Naruko from Toray in an Asics release.

Right now, you can only try out this new chameleon mesh on the on the Asics Gel-Quantum 360 CM ($170,, but they said they'll soon roll them out in the Asics Tiger lifestyle collection, so you can change colors on your run and when running errands.

Asics Shoe

This isn't the only recent futuristic improvement in sneaker tech; New Balance launched the first-ever 3D-printed running shoe in April, and EasyJet came up with a pair of kicks that vibrate that tell you Google Maps directions. And don't even get us started on these super high-tech self-lacing sneakers from Nike.

As the fitness and tech worlds combine, you can bet you're not only going to be crushing your workouts harder than ever, but looking good while you're at it.


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