These haptic kicks make turn-by-turn navigation easier than ever (and will help free you from your smartphones at last!)

By Kylie Gilbert
Updated: May 18, 2016

First, there were turn-by-turn directions on your wrist. Now, you can get the same technology sent straight to your feet with a pair of vibrating smart sneakers that help you navigate sans phone or map.

The "Sneakairs," contain small motors with Bluetooth capability, so they can sync with your phone through a Google Maps-powered app to tell you when and where to turn, Wired reports. Simply plug in your destination to the app to have the directions translated into vibrations in your feet: Your left foot will buzz if you need to turn left, your right foot if you need to turn right. If you miss your turn, both shoes will vibrate twice in a row to let you know. Once you reach your final destination, they'll vibrate three times. (ICYMI: Self-lacing sneakers are also a thing.)

Created by the Barcelona Street Project, part of low-cost UK airline carrier EasyJet, the smart sneakers were created to allow tourists to explore Europe freely without needing to bury their heads in their phones and maps. While EasyJet is still working on the final design, they plan to eventually make the sneaks available to purchase onboard their planes. (Clearly, our friends across the pond are killing it in the 'cool fitness innovations we never knew we needed' department: A mobile spinning studio is set to launch in London later this year.)

If EasyJet-orange isn't quite your jam, don't worry. As Wired reports, the tech itself would fit in a universal insole that you could slide into any shoe, and has the possibility to be licensed to other shoe manufacturers. That means you might soon be able to pop these smart motors into your favorite pair of kicks so you can get around anywhere without being tethered to your phone. (Or you know, to make Instagramming and Snapchatting that much easier!)


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