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These Yoga Accessories Will Take Your Chi to the Next Level

All Sport Backpack

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Feel like you're constantly on the move? Toss your yoga mat strap and switch to something that can handle as much as you can in one day. ($109;

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Three-In-One Strap & Sling

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This simple strap outdoes all other yoga accessories. Not only does it carry your mat to your yoga practice, but you can also use it to help with stretching and adding some resistance. ($11.98;

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Manduka Mat Renew Travel

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Keep your yoga mat and the planet clean at the same time with this organic Manduka Mat Renew cleaner. Biodegradable, phosphate-free, and free of alcohol and other drying ingredients, this cleaner is a triple threat—oh, and it smells great too. ($5;

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Freestyle Hairband

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The last thing you should be worrying about mid-workout is your hair. That's why this Freestyle Hairband is perfect for your yoga sesh. It's made with no-slip silicone and climalite fabric to keep your sweat as tamed as your hair will be. ($16;

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Yoga Wheel

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Use this yoga wheel to help you bend, stretch, and release tension during your workout. The soft cushion will keep you comfortable and relaxed as you ease into every position. ($84.98;

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Toesox Grippy Half Toe Bella Socks

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Stop sliding around on your mat with these no-slip socks. Not only will the grips give you more effective workouts, but the organic cotton material also absorbs sweat. ($16;

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Mula Bandhawear Thong

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Never get your panties in a bunch again. This thong will stay in place no matter how you move, all while remaining comfy and breathable. ($16;

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H2Om Waterbottle

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Bring this BPA-free water bottle to class—it's made of glass, but can definitely handle the heat. ($28;

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Yoga Hustle Mat

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This mat looks sleek, but is actually insanely grippy for a locked-in downward dog. Top with one of Yoga Hustle's cute graphic yoga towels if you're headed into a heated studio. ($125;

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Equa Mat Towel

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Throw this Equa Mat Towel over your yoga mat to keep the surface slip-free during even the hottest yoga sesh. ($42;

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Tri-Color Yoga Block

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Every yogi needs a little support sometimes. Snag this yoga staple in some of the summer's hottest colors. ($11.98;

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