Go from hiking to just hanging out—no wardrobe change required.

Sneakers are the go-to shoes for many women these days for a number of reasons. First, the rise of athleisure has made it completely acceptable to wear sneaks not only to the gym, but also to weekend get-togethers, the office, and even date nights. Plus, they're way more comfortable than pretty much any other footwear option out there. In other words, they're the ultimate in fashion and function. Often, the same styles you work out in are appropriate for a variety of other settings, too. (Case in point: these patterned sneakers for athleisure and running.)


One area where you don't see so much crossover from getting sweaty to other activities? Hiking. Trail shoes tend to look pretty technical and with good reason. You need ankle support, serious sole traction, and a decent level of cushioning for a comfortable mountain descent. But Vans just introduced a new shoe that's changing all that. Meet the UltraRange.


You probably think of Vans as a skateboarding company, but the brand is expanding their reach with this foray into a more all-around active shoe. With an emphasis on comfort, cushioning, and a sock-like construction, these shoes come in at just 80 bucks.


Essentially, the UltraRange sneakers are meant to go everywhere an on-the-go lifestyle might take you-city streets, mountain trails, to and from yoga class, and out with friends. With a fair amount of traction on the sole and a very lightweight design, these are perfect for wearing on a casual morning hike (think Runyon Canyon, not Mount Kilimanjaro) and well through the rest of the day, making them the ultimate in convenient, functional footwear. Plus, they've got that signature casual cool style that the brand is known for, and they pair as easily with leggings and a sports bra as they do with a fun summer sundress. So grab a pair and hit the trails. (And if you're looking for something a little more technical, check out the best workout shoes for walking and hiking the trails.)

Photo provided by Vans