The only catch: You should probably master the basic plank first.

By Lauren Mazzo

It's no secret that planks are one of the best core exercises out there. But, to be completely honest, they can get a little boring. (I mean, you're just sitting there, holding one position, trying not to notice how much you feel like you're dying.)

That's why one company decided to bump up the "fun" in functional movement and turn planking into entertainment. Meet the Stealth Interactive Core Trainer, a balance board–style platform that pairs with an app on your smartphone to let you play video games using your abs.

How it works: First, download the free app on your iPhone or Android. Pop your phone into the designated spot on the board and assume the plank position with your forearms on the device. As you "steer" the platform to blow up moving targets on your phone screen, you engage your entire core (all 29 muscles) like ~whoa~. Talk about an upgrade from staring at your living room floor (cough, dust bunnies).

As magical as this sounds, it's worth noting that most people have trouble even holding a basic plank for more than 30 seconds-so adding a dynamic component isn't necessarily a great idea in the beginning. Not to mention, holding a static plank gives you the benefits of performing an isometric exercise (which you don't get when you're wiggling all around). But if the choice is between doing no planks or doing gaming planks? The latter obvs wins.

Whether or not you're ready to drop $200 on the Stealth trainer, try adding a few minutes of planking to your day every day. It just might change your life. (Start here: The 30-Day Plank Challenge to Carve Your Strongest Core Ever)

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