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These Women's Slide Sandals Are Made for Exercise Recovery

Women's Slides for Recovery

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You just finished a long, intense workout that kicked your butt in the best way, your body is buzzing with energy, and you feel like you could do just about anything if your feet didn't feel like they were going to fall off.

Taking off your workout shoes is the first step, but instead of just kicking your feet up, try slipping on a pair of these women's slide sandals made especially for your tired feet. These recovery shoes will help relieve the pressure caused by running, lifting, or just walking around running errands.

Features like rubberized pins and extra-cushioned soles work to soothe pain after high-impact activities and can be great solutions for conditions like plantar fasciitis. Check out these picks for best recovery slide sandals for women from brand such as OOFOS, Adidas, HOKA ONE ONE, and more.

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OOFOS OOriginal Sandal

OOFOS OOriginal Flat Sandal

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A household name among recovery sandals, OOFOS has gotten pressure-relieving footwear down to a science. Working with an expert foam chemist, the brand developed a proprietary material called OOfoam, which can absorb impact more readily than standard foam soles.

BUY IT, $50

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Adidas by Stella McCartney Adissage W

Adidas by Stella McCartney Adissage W Sandal

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The designer take on the classic Adidas slide is a fun and functional way to recover your feet after a workout. Small rubber pins support your soles while gently alleviating pressure from points on your feet, somewhat like acupressure. Enjoy the gentle massaging properties of these sandals as you pad around post-workout.

BUY IT, $60

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Revs Classic Reflexology Massage Sandals

Revs Classic Reflexology Massage Shoe

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These Birkenstock-like sandals are stylish enough to wear outside of the house, and the perfect solution for seamlessly transitioning from workout mode to everyday life. Rolling ridges will take stress off your soles even as you commute to work or run errands.

BUY IT, $70

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Hoka One One Ora Recovery Slide

Hoka One One Ora Recovery Slide Sandals

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These chunky slides by comfort footwear brad Hoka One One feature an extra thick, almost platform-like sole that absorbs shock as you walk. Putting foot to pavement has never felt more like floating than in these elevated recovery sandals.

BUY IT, $35 (from $50)

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PR Soles Athletic Recovery Flip Flops V2 Edition

PR Soles Athletic Recovery Flip Flops V2 Edition Sandals

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The undulating texture on the soles of these flip flops helps redistribute the weight of your feet. Similar to the rubberized points found on some recovery sandals, these waves will also lend a pleasant massaging sensation as you stand in them. Plus, their accessible $30 price point makes them a great entry-level product in the category.

BUY IT, $30

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Telic Unisex Z-Strap Sandal

Telic Unisex Z-Strap Shoes

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These US-made sandals are not only super comfortable, they also come in a bunch of bright, poppy colors, from Aqua Lagoon and Pink Flamingo to Deep Ocean and Island Coral. Get these in a few different shades to match your outfits for easy, everyday comfort.

BUY IT, $29–$59

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Fanture Arch Support Recovery Slippers

 Fanture Arch Support Recovery Slipper Sandals

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These closed-toe slides are perfect for when you want the comfort of a recovery sandal with added protection during activities like gardening. A moulded sole and rubber nubs will evenly distribute foot force and relieve pressure from your heels and the balls of your feet.

BUY IT, $32–$36

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