Get-Fit Tricks from Olympians: Angela Ruggiero

The leader of the rink


Despite having three Olympics under her belt-and gold, silver, and bronze medals to boot-Angela is still chasing the dream. "I want to ring back one more gold for the USA," she says. Angela holds the record for the number of hockey games played by any Team USA member, male or female. The all-star plans to retire after these games.

HER BEST TRAINING TIP "Sprint intervals-going all out, then scaling back-help you push hard when you need to, and they strengthen your heart and lungs."

STAYING COOL UNDER PRESSURE "Before a game, I blast the Blackeyed Peas and Beyonce and we all dance around and sing. It puts me in the zone to perform."

WHAT SHE'LL DO IF SHE WINS "Take a vacay to celebrate!"

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