The aerial artist


Since her 2006 silver medal win in the half-pipe, Gretchen has won gold at the 2008 X Games, designed an eco-friendly clothing line for Oakley, and logged serious cross-training: "I run on the beach, surf, and bike," she says. The overachiever is ready to move up a spot on the podium and, "give something back to my family, fans, and coaches for all they've done to support me."

ON STAYING COOL UNDER PRESSURE "It's okay to feel nervous before a competition because it means you care about doing well. Acknowledge it, take a breath, and tell yourself, 'I'm ready.'"

HER BEST TRAINING TIP "Have a specific goal every time you hit the gym; this way, your workouts have built-in purpose."

THE EVENT SHE'S GOTTA SEE "I'm buddies with hockey star Angela Ruggiero and skier Julia Mancuso, so I'll watch them compete."