By Marissa Stephenson
Updated: August 26, 2011

The comeback kid


After the 2006 games, Jennifer retired. "A year later, I realized how much I missed competing," says the three-time Olympian. Coming back was tough-she'd lost 10 pounds of muscle mass-but Jennifer worked her way to a World Cup win in 2008. She's ready to compete one last time and "finish with the best race of my life."

HOW SHE STAYS MOTIVATED "I've dedicated these Olympics to my mother, who died of breast cancer last summer. She was my biggest supporter."

HER BEST TRAINING TIP "For strong legs, I tie a resistance band around my ankles and take 10 big steps to the right leading with my right foot, then repeat it to the left, leading with my left foot."

HOW SHE WINDS DOWN "I love to wakeboard, snowboard, bike, and camp as often as I can."

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