The "it" girl


Last season Lindsey nabbed her second consecutive overall World Cup championship and became the winningest female American skier in history. The gold-medal favorite in four Alpine events, she credits her best friends with keeping her motivated; "They wear 'Vonntourage' sweatshirts at my races and work out with me to make training fun."

ON STAYING COOL UNDER PRESSURE "Before a race, I play a game like Brain Age on my Nintendo DS."

FUEL-UP ADVICE "I start the day with a big bowl of muesli. It helps me power through my a.m. workout."

HER BEST TRAINING TIP "I swear by this core move: Sit on a stability ball with your feet on the floor and have a friend toss a weighted ball to you. Catch it as you lean back, then throw it to her as you crunch up."