Watch your body get stronger, firmer, and leaner with SHAPE's new series of workout apps. With photos and descriptions, videos, and exercise logs, we make it easier than ever to meet your fitness goals.

We know how it is. You get your issue of SHAPE and you want to bring it to the gym with you to try out all the workouts. But sometimes it's hard to juggle everything--the weights, the magazine, your water bottle, a towel, an MP3 player. Well, now you can easily bring your SHAPE workouts wherever you exercise: We're launching a series of new workout applications that work with iPhone 3G, the original iPhone, and iPod touch.

Each app includes:

Several targeted sculpting and cardio routines

Clear photos and descriptions

Start-to-finish videos

An exercise log (a proven way to boost results)

All you have to do is move--and watch your body get stronger, firmer, and leaner. And if you want your friends to see how successful you've been, there's a function that allows you to share your progress and motivate your buddies.