By Rebecca Brown
December 10, 2009

Find out the calories in your favorite seasonal snacks and use these fitness tips to figure out which fun holiday activity will help you burn it off.

Calories Burned Hanging Lights

If you focus on using your core to stabilize you while stringing lights, you can burn around 90 calories per hour. Fitness tips like isolating different muscles and working on your balance is a great way to turn this holiday activity into a low-impact workout. Hanging lights for 60 minutes should help you feel guilt-free about that small piece of fudge you're coveting, which has an average of 70 calories.

Calories Burned Ice Skating

Heading to the ice rink with friends and family is a fun way to spend the holiday-and a great way to stay fit. The number of calories burned ice skating is substantial-around 484 an hour. Looking for a treat to indulge in? A slice of pumpkin pie has an average of 229 calories, so plan on heading to the ice rink after.

Calories Burned Shopping

Need an excuse to hit the mall? An hour of shopping burns 249 calories, but this number varies depending on the time you spend standing and walking. Carrying heavy bags only adds to the calorie burn, so shop away! One 5-ounce serving of the ever-so-tempting eggnog is a whopping 200 calories, so make sure you have time to shop afterward to make up for it.

Calories Burned Sledding

Venturing outside for sledding works your quads, calves, and even forearms and biceps (from holding on!). Only 15 minutes of sledding burns 121 calories, which is just about enough to offset the 110-calorie candy cane you're craving.

*Calorie estimates based on a 145-pound woman.

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