By Alanna Nuñez
February 18, 2013

Chalk one more up to the persuasive powers of CrossFit! The ubiquitous trend has snagged another convert-none other than celebrity trainer Bob Harper. At 47, he says he's in the best shape of his life, and it's all thanks to CrossFit.

"When I was first introduced to CrossFit, I found it to be the hardest workout that I'd ever done," Harper told SHAPE. "It wiped the floor with me, and I fell in love with it immediately. The results that I have seen in my strength and physicality have been unparalleled to any other thing I have ever done in my 20 years in the fitness business. My love for CrossFit has completely changed the way I approach the contestants that come onto The Biggest Loser, and the results I have gotten with them have been equally phenomenal."

The famous trainer shared one of his favorite CrossFit-inspired WODs (that's CrossFit speak for "workout of the day") with us. Read on to build muscle and torch calories in less than 20 minutes.

How it works: This workout is a "chipper," not an "AMRAP" workout, meaning that instead of trying to bang out as many rounds or reps of each move that you can in seven minutes, you focus on "chipping" away at the reps, regardless of how long they take you. (Confused? We decoded 15 key fitness terms you need to know ). "Chipper-style workouts are great because they usually take long to finish, and that means you're keeping your heart rate up longer," Harper says.

Harper also recommends timing yourself to see how many reps you can do without sacrificing form. After a month of consistent workouts and diets, try his CrossFit workout again and compare how your strength, endurance, and timing has improved.


50 jumping jacks

50 alternating lunges

50 sit-ups

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