Today's blogger: Marissa Stephenson, Shape's senior associate fitness editor

There's been an air of competition in the office this past week. Shape staffers are wearing pedometers and participating in the Virgin HealthMiles Challenge-a competition that's pitted our two floors against each other to see which one can log the most steps in a seven-day period. (We're getting a taste of what for many organizations is an ongoing program-companies participate in the Challenge to get their workers to be more active.)

Staffers here are taking some unusual measures to increase their daily steps. I run in place each night while I watch TV, our production manager tacked on three extra miles to her morning run, and everyone I sit near-go floor 3!-logs on to the team web page multiple times a day to check our standings.

But do you know what's harder than reaching our daily 15,000-step goal? Wearing pedometers without looking silly! We've tried it all-hiding them under dresses (see associate editor Juno DeMelo, left) or clipping them on our boots.

But now that we're nearly at the end of our competition, we have a new approach: proudly showing them off!I'll let you know which floor wins, but right now, I need to take a couple laps around the office. I haven't logged a step in 25 minutes!