Your mission

Give the treadmill the day off without skipping your cardio session. With this plan, you'll use nothing more than a jump rope (if you don't have one, no sweat; jump without it) to get a heart-pumping workout. This high-impact activity burns mega calories-to the tune of 10 per minute- and strengthens your legs, butt, and shoulders too. But we know it can get a little monotonous after a while, so we mixed things up with hopscotch jumps and plank poses. Now unplug that cardio machine and get moving!

What to do

Warm up, then grab your rope and jump. If you have enough space, try moving around the room (it's more fun). For the hopscotch jump, see the must-do move (below), and for a refresher on how to do a plank pose, check out If the workout ever feels too intense, take a minute to catch your breath and then continue where you left off.

Hopscotch Jump

> Place the jump rope perpendicular to you on the floor and stand at one end of it with your hands on your hips.

> Raise your left leg so your weight is on your right foot. Hop forward, landing with your right foot on one side of the rope [A].

> Jump forward again, this time landing with feet wide and straddling the rope [B]. Repeat, this time leading with your left foot. When you reach the end of the rope, turn around and continue in the opposite direction.