Massage Techniques for Self Massage


Feeling sore and achy? Discover four highly effective self massage moves that will bring you quick relief!

Free massage techniques # 1: Ease tight leg muscles

Sit on the floor with legs extended. With hands in fists, press knuckles into tops of thighs and slowly push them toward knees. Keep pressing down as you return to start position and repeat. Continue, changing your direction and pressure to focus on sore spots, for one minute.

Free massage techniques # 2: Soothe sore forearms

Make a fist with left hand, elbow bent and palm facing up. Wrap right hand around left forearm, thumb on top. Rotate left forearm so that palm faces the floor, then turn it back up. Continue for 30 seconds, moving right hand around to focus on tender areas. Repeat on opposite arm.

Free massage techniques # 3: Work out back kinks

Sit on a chair with knees bent, feet flat on the floor, and bend forward at the hips. Bend arms behind you, palms facing away from you, and make fists. Knead circles into your lower back on either side of your spine. Continue, working your way up, for a minute or more.

Free massage techniques # 4: Relieve foot pain

Sit on a chair with feet on the floor and place a golf ball (or a tennis ball, if that is all you have) under ball of left foot. Slowly move foot forward and back for 30 seconds, then in circles for 30 seconds, pressing harder on the ball when you feel a tight spot. Repeat on right foot.

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