No time is no longer an excuse!

By Jay Cardiello
May 29, 2012

When it comes to working out, most of us have one excuse card that we play over and over again: I don't have the time. From kids to work, "time" is the roadblock that has kept many us from enjoying a healthy lifestyle. To add more practicality to your busy life, I have devised a quick and effective workout based on seven moves that will get you lean and firm and will fit into your daily routine-no matter what. I challenge you to take the next seven minutes of your life and invest in something worthwhile...yourself! * Perform each exercise for one minute, unless otherwise noted* Do not rest between exercises 1. Sky rockets: Drop back into a standard lunge position with your left foot in front, while your right is placed firmly in the rear. Next, crouch down (as if you were an Olympic sprinter) with your chest on your thigh and place one hand on either side of your left foot. Then, in one explosive movement, drive your right knee and both hands towards the ceiling. After your body is fully extended, retract back to the original starting position. Repeat, as many times as possible in 30 seconds, then repeat with the right leg in front. Coach's tip: To ensure a proper stance, be certain to distribute a greater amount of weight on your front leg. This will enable you to create greater stability and balance throughout the explosive phase of the movement. 2. Bottle caps: Place your feet approximately one and half times shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent. Fully extend both arms out to the side. Next, lower your body downward bending both knees dropping into a full squat position. As you raise back to your original position, begin to twist at your hip towards the left. Your feet will remain firmly on the floor and will not rotate along with twisting torso. Twist back to the starting position and repeat, this time twisting towards the right side of your body. Coach's tip: To benefit most from this exercise, concentrate on your breathing. Inhale as your body descends into the squat, exhale and contract your abdominal region as you rise and twist. 3. Hand over hand: Start in a traditional push-up position with both legs extended fully behind your hips. Next, lift your left hand off the floor and reach over your right hand. After crossing your left hand over your right to be sure to make firm contact with the floor to ensure full stretch and lengthen of your rear deltoid (the muscle group located in the back of your shoulder complex). Retract your left hand back and repeat with your right hand. Alternate between your left and right for 60 seconds. Coach's tip: To ensure that your hips are stable keepyour feet shoulder width apart. 4. Rise and shine: Start by lying flat on your back with your left arm fully extended overhead. Press your right hand into the floor with knees bent, soles of feet pressing into the ground. Use the pressure of these three extremities to lift your body off the floor until you come to a complete standing position with your left hand extended fully over head. Slowly retract backwards returning to your original starting position. Again, you will only use the support of your left hand and both feet to control your body. Perform this move for 30 seconds with your left hand extended overhead, followed by 30 seconds performed using your right hand. Coach's tip: For safety, perform this protocol slowly until you feel comfortable to move at a faster rate. 5. Star fish: Perform a standard jumping jack with explosive energy. Start by standing tall with your feet together and hands resting on your sides. Next, in one quick motion spring off the floor performing a jumping jack as high as you possibly can. Traditionally, a jumping jack is performed with your feet remaining relatively close to the floor throughout the "jump" part of the exercise. Here, your aim is to raise your feet as high as possible. Coach's tip: Your goal is height and not repetitions in this exercise. 6. Booty blasts: Start in a traditional lunge with your left foot forward both knees slightly bent. Place your hands firmly on either hip to ensure stability and control. Next, lower your body downward dropping your right knee until it is approximately one inch form the floor. Then in one explosive rising action, kick your right heel to your glute. After the "kick" descend back into the lunge and repeat. Perform for 30 seconds with your left foot forward before switching to a right-footed stance.Coach's tip: To maintain proper form, pretend that ice water is being poured down your spine keeping it straight throughout the exercise. 7. Karate kicks: Again, begin with your left foot forward in a standard lunge position with your knees slightly bent. Rest both hands on your hips and descend downward into full lunge. Next, drive your hips upward while performing a front kick with your left foot. After completing the kick, return to a lunge position and repeat. Perform for 30 seconds with your left leg before switching over to your right.Coach's tip: Do not aim to perform a kick for height, but for repetition. As you become more proficient with the exercise your flexibility will increase allowing you to kick for greater height.