By Karen Borsari
March 23, 2010

Between canceling my gym membership and dreary weather, I was excited to give Wii Fit Plus a try. I'll admit I had my doubts-could I really work up a sweat without leaving home? But I was pleasantly surprised by the workout. I was strength training, boxing, and running in no time-with plenty of room to spare, even in my tiny studio apartment.

I started by setting a calorie-burning goal for myself. Wii Fit lets you choose from a list of foods to set as your goal. I chose the piece of cake since I had my eye on a slice for dessert. As I worked out, it was fun to see the little cake icon in the corner and know I had something to work toward. The list of food choices wasn't very extensive, but with chips, cheese, chocolate and ice cream, it had my cravings covered-salty or sweet.

As I tried the various activities, I didn't even realize how many calories I was burning until I saw my calorie goal shrinking away. Fun games such as hoola-hoop and juggling were my favorites and felt more like playing than working out. It was the most fun I've had exercising in a long time!

Between routines, I used the Calorie Counter feature to check my progress against a long list of foods. It was a little confusing at first, but provided a cute way to visualize the food equivalent of the calories I was burning. Although some of the calorie counts seemed low, I watched my efforts take me from burning off the calorie equivalent of a cucumber, past my favorite snack (chips and salsa), all the way to my slice of cake (310 calories!). Satisfied with my workout, I tucked the balance board away and dug into the cake. After all, I earned it!

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Editor's Note: The Wii Fit was provided to Shape by Nintendo for testing in this review.