I wake up every morning with the framework for a healthy day in place:

- I wear a Fitbit

- I pretend to keep a food journal

- I plan to meditate daily

- I have the seven-minute workout app on my smartphone

I always have the best intentions, but once the day gets going, I free-fall into the madness of work, parenting, and taxi-cab hailing combat. By 8p.m. I end up passing out rather than working out. But I've recently picked up a trick to kick myself into gear: a little friendly competition.

Last week I interviewed Kevin Plank, founder and CEO of Under Armour, the athletic gear company that makes even the coolest Nike execs work up a sweat. The day's hot topic was Under Armour's recent acquisition of the technology company MapMyFitness, a super cool app for the super cool athlete. I'm neither super cool nor a super athlete, but when Kevin noticed that we both wear a Fitbit, he challenged me to "map it!"

Logging running routes, daily food intake, and workout routines may suit some people, but I wasn't enthused. Then I learned about the app's social component-I can encourage, antagonize, and compete against my friends who also map their routines? Game on!

If Kevin, the King of Sportswear wants to take me on, I'm fully prepared to out plank Plank. I'm just left wondering if I can really dominate this MapMyFitness game. Who else is out there mapping? Under Armour execs, TV anchors, and what about Under Armour-endorsed athletes? (I'm talking to you, Tom Brady!)

If you're like me and self-motivation just doesn't get the job done, maybe a little fitness-app competition is just what you need to ignite your need to get moving. It's worth a shot!