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This New Nike Web Series Speaks to All of Us

Courtesy of Nike

We all know that friend who's tried basically every fitness trend and new workout available, long before ClassPass was even a thing. Then there's your other friend who thinks a CrossFit box is an actual box. (Do you stand on it? Do you get in it?) The stereotypes manifest on screen in Nike's new scripted web series, Margot Vs. Lily, premiering February 1. We watch Lily (a YouTube fitness star) and Margot (her exercise-phobic sister) battle over an interesting New Year's resolution bet.

Lily dares her sister to start her own fitness channel, and Margot bets Lily to make some "real" friends, instead of subscribers. From there, eight episodes follow the women on their road to both fitness and friendship, and it's difficult not to find parts of yourself in both of them along the way.

Most of us probably fall somewhere in between these wildly separate ends of the spectrum, but it's easy to see how Margot vs. Lily is sort of like a hilarious window into everyone's fitness journey (and life!). As part of Nike's #BetterForIt campaign, the show is part of the brand's initiative to make fitness more relatable and real to women. Exercise is sweaty, it's hard, it's intimidating, but mostly, it's worth it. So whether you're psyching yourself up to run your first marathon or to sign up for a new class, you'll be #BetterForIt because you tried.

As you watch the sisters push themselves out of their comfort zones you'll laugh out loud at the clever one-liners. You'll also notice the internal transformation the girls go through as they learn what exercise means to them and realize that life is more about balance than perfection.

Overall, Margot and Lily teaches viewers that fitness looks different for everyone. It's about finding the right kind of exercise for you—the kind that you actually want to do, that fits in with your life, and oh ya, allows you to have one. (Check out the 10 best exercises for women.) A slogan from the series says it best, pun and all: "It will all work out in the end."

Meet the girls, and watch the trailer below (and a sneak peek of Episode 1 here). The only question left: Team Margot or Team Lily?


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