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SHAPE Best Blogger Awards: The Top 20 Blogs for Fitness Junkies

Best Fitness Blogger: Charlotte Andersen of The Great Fitness Experiment

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Charlotte Andersen is a mom of four who likes to take workouts she sees in magazines and try them out on herself, sometimes adjusting them, sometimes not, hence The Great Fitness Experiment. Either way, her blog is super-informative, funny and relatable.

Best Fitness Blogger: Carla Birnberg of Miz Fit Online

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Carla's motto at Miz Fit Online is "fitness isn't about fitting in." Miz Fit offers videos, podcasts and fun ways to celebrate momentous international occasions such as Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Best Fitness Blogger: Erin and Jenn of Fit Bottomed Girls

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Erin and Jenn of Fit Bottomed Girls aim to help you keep a lid on the "junk in the trunk," while remembering that "fit bottomed girls" come in all shapes and sizes! Their tips, tricks and advice makes working out fun, not painful!

Best Fitness Blogger: Melinda of Melinda's Fitness Blog

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Melinda's Fitness Blog came about after Melinda had a baby and decided to get back in shape. Dedicated to motivating women to get healthy and fit, this blog features daily workouts, news and product reviews.

Best Fitness Blogger: Cely of Running off the Reeses

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Cely of Running off the Reeses doesn't just feature workout tips and tricks (though it provides those too), but it also features funny pictures and captions, and on days when you need extra motivation, photos of hot famous guys, like Javier Bardem or Patrick Dempsey.

Best Fitness Blogger: Toni and Ashley of Black Girls Run!

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Toni and Ashley started Black Girls Run! in 2009 to encourage women to tackle the growing obesity epidemic in the African-American community. Black Girls Run! features anything you could ever need to know about running, including running groups in almost all of the 50 states, product and gear reviews and interviews with women who changed their lives by running.

Best Fitness Blogger: Kelly of Beneath It All

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Beneath It All tells the story of Kelly, a 24-year-old lover of running. She's completed several marathons, a triathlon, and is now training for her first half-Ironman.

Best Fitness Blogger: Liz of One Twenty Five

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Liz started One Twenty Five in an attempt to inspire herself to lose 65 pounds. Since going from 203 pounds to 154, she's been documenting her fitness and weight-loss journey, and provides weekly updates on the races she runs, the outfits she wears and the things that keep her inspired.

Best Fitness Blogger: Theodora of Losing Weight in the City

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Theodora of Losing Weight in the City is out to lose weight in the Big Apple, and do it without sacrificing her NYC lifestyle. She's currently lost 50 pounds and is training to run a marathon.

Best Fitness Blogger: Jan of Cranky Fitness

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Cranky Fitness covers nutrition, fitness and weight-loss and is hilarious while doing so! We're always excited to see what Cranky has planned next.

Best Fitness Blogger: Lisa of Workout Mommy

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Lisa started Workout Mommy as a way to document her workout life after becoming a mom! A certified personal trainer, her site emphasizes being healthy and getting fit for moms even when you have almost no time!

Best Fitness Blogger: Danica of The Chic Runner

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Danica of Chic Runner was a runner all through high school and college, she says, until a family emergency took priority. She took a job coaching a high-school track team, and says that at the first meet, she realized how much she missed running. So, she's back with Chic Runner blogging about her daily life as a runner, the races she runs, and what it's like to work for a company that plans marathons.

Best Fitness Blogger: Kelly of Every Gym's Nightmare

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Every Gym's Nightmare might literally be every gym's nightmare. Why? Because you can pretty much get anything you might have ever needed from your gym at this blog, including answers to all your questions, reviews of every kind of product imaginable, from the latest power shakes to P90X, as well as contributing posts from readers, and more.

Best Fitness Blogger: Jamie of Running Diva Mom

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The Running Diva Mom is a recently divorced mother of two who is trying to run 12 half-marathons in 2011. Follow her progress and daily updates!

Best Fitness Blogger: Jill of Jill Will Run

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Jill of Jill Will Run spent years struggling with an eating disorder before checking herself into an outpatient rehab center and is on the road to recovery (which she says can take years and years). Now, she blogs about her daily fitness and nutrition, as well as the races she runs and the goals she sets for herself.

Best Fitness Blogger: Gina of The Fitnessista

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The Fitnessista is named Gina, and she loves food— eating it, writing about it, sharing and experimenting with it. The only thing she loves more than food? Fitness!

Best Fitness Blogger: Tricia of Endurance Isn't Only Physical

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Tricia lost more than 100 pounds in a year by setting small weight-loss goals for herself. Now she continues to set fitness goals for herself and blogs about them at Endurance Isn't Only Physical on a daily basis.

Best Fitness Blogger: Jess of Jess Runs

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Jess of Jess Runs has run 28 races, and she doesn't plan on stopping any time soon! Her blog covers all different aspects of running.

Best Fitness Blogger: Jess of Fit Chick in the City

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Fit Chick in the City is another New York-based blog, run by Jess, a fitness buff and runner. Her site specializes in workout tips, especially if you're based in the New York area.

Best Fitness Blogger: Tanya of In the Gym

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In the Gym is a bit different from the rest of the fitness blogs in that it focuses solely on workout music and playlists. And since we never hit the gym without our iPods, we love Tanya and her blog!


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