SHAPE Digital Edition: Be Successful in All Your Resolutions. Top Heath and Fitness Tips


What does New Year 2011 success look like? To be successful with any goal-whether it's being more money savvy, a few sizes smaller, doing a "guy push-up" (or 20), or even finding true love-you don't have to hire a life coach, personal trainer, or nutritionist. All you need is the right plan and some motivation. Which is exactly what we have created for you.

We took the top goals you want to be successful with in 2011 and found foolproof ways to reach them. And then we put everything at your fingertips. Literally.

We've put the top health and fitness tips for success into a new, free, bonus edition of SHAPE that you can download to your iPad (on iTunes, search for SHAPE New Year New You). Get a jump start: See the sneak peak tips below for instant success with your top resolutions.

Top Tips To Successfully Reach Any Goal

To Lose Those Last 5 Pounds for Good: Skip one 16-ounce latte a day and add 25 minutes of jogging. It's that simple! To drop 10 pounds? SHAPE's special digital edition has a complete workout routine with the exact sculpting moves you need to make it happen-no expensive machines or tricky exercises.

To Get More Energy: Your body needs minerals to help convert food into energy. But 65 percent of women aren't getting enough of the mineral magnesium. Spinach is a top source of magnesium (160 milligrams per cup, cooked). Try adding it to omelets, salads, soups and sandwiches for a quick energy boost. If you're not a fan of spinach, find out more magnesium-packed foods (and the top 6 Everyday Energy Zappers) in our digital edition.

To Stop Stress Eating: Rule number one is to not deem any foods off limits. Experts suggest getting 10 percent of your calories from "fun food," so indulge every day (just watch portions).

To Learn to Meditate: First set a kitchen timer for 8 minutes, then sit comfortably and close your eyes. Concentrate on breathing in and out, and whenever you feel your mind wandering, focus your attention on where you can feel your breath most prominently (probably your belly). Open your eyes when the timer buzzes and you've just meditated. You're on your way to a stress-free 2011.

To Cook Low Calorie (but High-Taste) Meals: Try chicken and snow peas: Mix together 4 oz baked chicken breast cut into strips, ½ cup whole-wheat pasta, ½ cup steamed snow peas, ¼ cup diced tomato, 1 tbsp. chopped parsley. And for dessert: ½ cup whole-fruit sorbet. Calories: 498! Get this and more than 30 other healthy recipes in the New Year, New You digital edition.

To Reach Your Other Goals: The free digital magazine includes expert motivational tips, easy-to-follow fitness videos, real-world success stories, a complete diet plan, tips for finding true love and more. Download the new digital edition, and your iPad or iPhone is your virtual trainer, your personal chef and your lifestyle guru-all for free!

So what does success look like? Get the free SHAPE New Year, New You digital magazine edition. Then check the mirror and you tell us what success looks like.

Click here to get the SHAPE Digital Edition at the iTunes App Store now.

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