By Alanna Nuñez
May 20, 2014

McDonald's introduced its new mascot Happy this week, and well, I don't want to judge, but he's pretty terrifying. The Wire describes him as "an animated Happy Meal box, complete with soul-scanning eyes, a black hole mouth, and judgey arms," and we couldn't agree more. Although, maybe that's the point? Maybe he's supposed to scare you into not wanting to eat anymore McDonald's.

Who knows? It seems we're not alone in finding Happy a little less than inspiring, though. Twitter's first reaction to the poor meme was harsh. Here are some of the best (and funniest) responses to Mickey D's new mascot:

In order to fight obesity in kids McDonalds introduces its new mascot to scare children. #happymeal @letsmove –Sam Kamani (@samkamani) May 20, 2014

If that's the #HappyMeal, I don't want to see what mascot they have for their Psychotic Meal. #theprojecttv –The Project (@theprojecttv) May 20, 2014

@McDonalds this looks like the monster that killed my uncle -steev (@Naive_Steve) May 19, 2014

The happy meal that eats you. RT @McDonalds: Say hello to our newest friend, Happy! #HappyMeal -Shannon R (@Hokuboku) May 19, 2014

Turns out, Happy can also clone himself at will (that's not creepy at all), so do what you will with that information, and oh yeah, enjoy your McDonald's. There's a dancing, vacant-eyed, slack-jawed, menacing box headed your way if you don't.

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