By Kylie Gilbert
May 01, 2014

The Midwest may not be as happy as we thought. According to a recent Gallup poll, Illinois is the state with the highest percentage of residents-50 percent to be exact-who would like to move elsewhere. Perhaps they're bitter about only having a few months of remotely bearable weather?

Connecticut ranks right below with 49 percent of residents who say they would like to leave if given the chance. [Tweet this fact!]

North Dakota lived up to its newfound reputation as the happiest state, with 30 percent of residents saying they'd like to move and only 10 percent of residents saying they plan on uprooting in the next 12 months.

The states with the most residents who'd prefer to stay put? Hawaii (shocker!), Montana, and Maine, with Oregon, New Hampshire, and Texas residents coming in right behind. All in all, only 33 percent of all Americans surveyed said they'd leave their current states, so looks like folks are generally pretty happy where they are.



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