By Alanna Nuñez
Updated: February 12, 2014
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Have you been keeping an eye on the Winter Olympics? We've got all the dispatches from Russia (with love) that you need.

Scroll down for all the latest crazy spills, stories, medals, and more coming out of Sochi, and then tell us: What did we miss? What do you think of the Olympics so far? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @Shape_Magazine.

1. Kaitlyn Farrington wins halfpipe gold. Congrats to Kaitlyn Farrington, who took gold in the women's snowboard halfpipe finals today in her first-ever Olympics, and to her American teammate Kelly Clark for taking bronze. Australian snowboarder Torah Bright took silver. Condolences to 17-year-old Arielle Gold, who pulled out of the halfpipe finals this morning just minutes before she was to compete due to a training injury.

2. The Olympic halfpipe is in terrible shape. Although it didn't seem to slow the ladies above down, multiple snowboarders have complained about the state of the halfpipe in Sochi, saying that it's "garbage" and a "lame showcase of snowboarding and a lame way to treat the athletes." Shaun White refused to compete in the slopestyle entirely because of the poorly constructed halfpipe, and though no one has been seriously injured yet, several snowboarders wiped out in the men's halfpipe finals.

3. There was a first-time tie in the downhill skiing event. The women's Alpine downhill ski event ended in a tie when Tina Maze of Slovenia and Switzerland's Dominique Gisin finished at almost exactly the same time. Why almost? Because even though the scoreboard flashed that both women had finished the event at 41.57 seconds, the company that administers the timed results could have rounded out to the 10,000 of a second (though they refuse to say which skier actually was faster). Technically, though, the rule is to round to the 100th of the second, so both women get on the podium wearing gold.

4. Canada rallied to beat Team USA in women's hockey. For the 19th straight time, the Canadian women's hockey team won an Olympic game, rallying to beat Team USA in today's match. Both teams are guaranteed a place at the semi-finals, so this round was more psychological than anything, but U.S. coach Katey Stone wasn't thrilled with her team's performance, telling the New York Times that she felt "a little indifferent to how our team played today."

5. Shani Davis missed out on a three-peat. In what's being called the biggest speed skating upset of the Olympics, two-time gold medalist Shani Davis lost out on the gold medal to Netherlands' Stefan Groothuis in the men's 1,000-meter event. Davis finished behind the top group in eighth place overall. The 31-year-old Davis expressed his disappointment afterward in an interview with USA Today, saying, "I just didn't have the speed I've always had."



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