By Alanna Nuñez
Updated: August 07, 2013

I love the Internet, because every time I stumble upon a story and think, "Okay, this is really as weird as it gets," I find another odd story to prove me wrong! Here are some of the strangest headlines we're loving this week.

1. Scientists have cooked up a home-grown burger. Not only did the researchers in London manufacture the hamburger in their labs, they created it from muscle cells taken from cows, then mixed it with beet and saffron juices to give the patty its signature red color. Testers said it tasted pretty similar to a burger, but lacked the "intense flavor" typical of ground beef. The demonstration was supposed to be proof of concept, head researcher Mark Post told the Wall Street Journal. It's likely to be years before any type of lab-grown beef actually hits your grocery shelves, but this sure is interesting food for thought!

2. More young people are taking their cell phones to bed. I know, we were confused too. According to a new survey from Harris Interactive, 20 percent of Americans between 18 and 34 use their smartphone during sex. However, the survey did not (maybe for good reason) inquire as to exactly what they're using their smartphones for during sex. I'm almost afraid to ask, but is there some kind of new, kinky way to use your phone while you're getting busy that I don't know about? Or is everybody just having such bad sex that it's really worth it to sneak a quick glance at your Facebook feed to see if anyone liked your status? (No one did, by the way).

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3. A real-life Hunger Games camp exists in Florida. Based on the best-selling books, the week-long Hunger Games summer camp in Tampa Bay aims to provide kids with "training" that they can then use to fight each other to the "death" in a massive flag football tournament. While the head counselor of the camp, Lindsay Gillette, was initially excited about the tournament, she told the Tampa Bay Times that she changed the rules of the final tournament so that instead of "killing" each other by taking flags, the campers would "collect lives" instead, because she felt some of the violence the kids were expressing was "off-putting." Go home, Florida, you're drunk.

4. Your beer habit may be to blame for all your mosquito bites. If you feel singled out by mosquitoes at summer BBQs, you're not alone! Scientists want to know why mosquitoes seem to be attracted to some people and not others, so researchers at New York City's Rockefeller University have begun a six-month study to find out once and for all why. For example, we know that mosquitoes gravitate toward beer drinkers, head researcher Leslie Vosshall told the Daily Beast, but we don't know why. Soon enough, maybe we will!

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5. Foie gras ice cream may be the next Cronut. Odd Fellows Ice Cream Co. likes to push the culinary boundaries-the company's menu includes a roster of flavors such as chorizo caramel swirl, extra-virgin olive oil, maple pecan bacon, and beet pistachio honey goat cheese-so foie gras, the newest addition to the menu, shouldn't come as a shock to fans of the Brooklyn-based company. The lucky editors at Yahoo! Shine had the opportunity to try it out, and the general consensus is that it's pretty good. What do you think? Is this the next big food trend?



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